Green Festival Seattle 2009

December 5, 2008

I just received my Green Festival Seattle Exhibitor Invitation!  Last year, Seattle held its first annual Green Festival and it was a huge success.  I remember the weather was incredible that weekend as it was about 80 degrees and clear blue skies.  I also remember it being completely packed as more than 30,000 people attended the weekend event.  I think the 2009 event will be even more successful.

Highlighting what is inside my exhibitor invitation, the focus is on three things:
Your business: For the best in green, there is only one event against which all other green events are measured. By choosing to participate in Green Festival, your business has secured the best and most comprehensive exposure for your planet- and people-friendly products and services.
The community: By offering green alternatives to businesses and individuals across economic and political spectra, you provide them tools to enjoy a healthier way of life.  Awareness of your business expands rapidly as neighbors in these regions spread the word.
Our planet: When you exhibit your green products and services at Green Festival, you help create a more just and sustainable world.  Attendees feel more empowered when they see the daily actions effecting positive change. By employing the ideas, tools and products you provide these motivated citizens help make life better life better for everyone.
Who’s exhibiting?
• fair trade • eco-fashion • organic foods dining • organic home & garden • responsible investing • green pets • organic food • eco kids • community action • green careers & education • eco-travel • permaculture • green building • eco-art • bodywork • renewable energy • conservation & recycling • transportation • green office • organic health & body • green media • green technology • organic beer & wine
For more information on how to be an exhibitor you can go the the Green Festival Exhibitor website.  The are offering a nice incentive (30% off) to those that register and pay in full by December 15, 2008.  This is something that I definitely have to consider doing!  I’m really excited about event as last year was so enjoyable!
Green Festival Seattle 2009 will be on March 28th and 29th at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center.  Hours are: Saturday 10AM – 8PM and Sunday 11AM – 6PM.  Click here for pricing.
Updated March 21, 2009:
Free Admission Tickets: My wife just told me that you can get a free admission ticket to the Green Festival Seattle if you purchase $5 worth of groceries at PCC.