"Green" dry erase whiteboard markers for your office

August 11, 2008

I’ve done my analysis for which dry erase marker we’re purchasing for thinkspace and we’re going with the AusPen.  Before making a purchasing decision, I try and make sure that I read enough about products to be sure I’m not just buying into the “green” hype. I look at the company, their mission statement, and materials that are used to create their product.
I was reading the Whiteboard Markers blog and one post states that every year a billion whiteboard markers are thrown into landfills in North America alone.  School teachers use about 500 million whiteboard markers each year.  A few things make the AusPen unique compared to the Sanford Expo markers that we all grew up using.  Firstly, they are refillable.  Secondly, they are non-toxic.  Thirdly, they are xylene-free, which means you won’t pass out from inhaling the fumes — also good for maintaining indoor air quality.  Lastly, they are made of high quality aluminum.
I found one competing product, which is definitely an option that I considered.  Staedtler makes a product called Lumocolor.  It also is refillable, non-toxic, xylene-free.  The only difference is that it appears to be made of plastic.
The AusPen costs about 2.8x more expensive than the Staedtler Lumocolor.  However, the things that moved me in favor or the AusPen was the fact that the aluminum will probably last longer than the plastic and the fact that AusPen has a strong sustainability statement.
The AusPen also states that each AusPen is equivalent to 246 regular dry erase markers.  The cap of the AusPen can also be left off the pen for 24 hours before it dries out.  That’s a huge difference compared to regular dry erase markers.
If you’re looking to “green” your office you might want to consider these dry erase markers.  I’m looking forward to using these markers with our new whiteboards which are wrapped in natural vertical grain bamboo!


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