Define Your Success

May 31, 2011

Every person’s definition of success is different. According to success is defined as “the favorable outcome of something attempted.” Take a moment to consider’s definition one more time. One thing that becomes quite clear is that in order to have a chance at being successful, you must actually attempt to do something.
Many people seem to go through life avoiding any and all chances of failure, but this also means that they are avoiding any and all chances of success. In order to succeed, you must try. And, in order to try, you must figure out exactly what you are trying for. This is why leaders are so big on goals. You must set a goal to attain it; in the same way, you must set your expectations in order to realize success once you’ve made it.
Take a second to consider what is most important to you. Think about what success might look like for you. (I’m thinking more big picture, but you can do this exercise for daily, weekly or monthly successes as well.) Everyone is different so don’t feel that your success needs to involve money, status or title. It may, but chances are there are some personal goals that will define your success as well, such as: retiring by the age of 55, creating a loving home for my family, and taking time to do the things that make me happy. Whatever it is, make sure it is clearly defined. Write it down. If there are multiple parts to what you would consider success, then create a list. Then, put this list somewhere where you can look at it often: maybe by your bathroom mirror or on your refrigerator. This list will offer you a constant reminder of the big picture.
A large part of being able to be successful is defining for yourself what your success will look like. Toby Keith summed up my point well, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else.”


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Alyssa Magnotti