How to create a CBB list and schedule a launch that actually happens.

April 23, 2013

You don’t want to put something out to the world until it’s 100% perfect.
You’ll literally put the brakes on anything that doesn’t absolutely hit your high standard.
You think delivering anything less will result in NO sales.
Every little thing MUST BE PERFECT or it’s not seeing the light of day.
You’re a little paranoid that people will laugh at you if you don’t get everything right.
Does this sound like you?
I’m all for perfection and doing your best… but you can’t noodle away at something forever.
You must get your idea out to the world.
If you’re even thinking about launching that means you’re creating this for other people.
What’s the point to all the work you’re doing, if no one’s going to benefit from it?
So – what I do when I’m nearing the due date I’ve set to complete a project… is start listing off the CBBs.  What “Could Be Better”?  I make a list of CBBs and just keep moving forward.

Here’s the secret too for all you who will still want to wait until things are perfect – there will ALWAYS be CBBs.  Even if you don’t see them now.  I can’t think of one launch I’ve worked on, finished for myself, or helped someone else plan where there wasn’t a list of CBBs for the next launch.

CBB is one of those little phrases that helps take the pressure off – so start saying it when you find something that could be a little bit better, but you don’t want it to stop you from making progress or from launching.
No webinar? CBB – I’ll do one next time when my list is bigger.
No launch videos? CBB – my audience is used to blog posts anyways.
No affiliate program? CBB – I’ll do something super bare bones this time around and set up a real program for the next time.
No membership site? CBB – I’ll make a protected page on my site where all the content will live.
My PDFs aren’t super gorgeous! CBB – The content is there, I’ll make them look neat, easy to read and they’ll be fine.
It’s catchy…
You might find yourself declaring, “That’s a CBB for sure!” to things that used to have you adjusting your entire launch schedule.
Try it!
Go through your own launch materials, your program, your copy, your sales process and start making your CBB list for the next launch.

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