Your Best Work Does Not Always Correlate To Your Best Outcome – David Bluhm

February 24, 2012

I was having a conversation tonight at the NWEN / Founder Institute Ideation Bootcamp with David Bluhm, CEO of Z2Live and he made a comment “Your Best Work Does Not Always Correlate To Your Best Outcome”. This really stuck out to me of all the things that we talked about. It’s one of those things that has me thinking and reflecting on my own set of experiences and outcomes.
David shared a couple examples with me and some of the best outcomes come down to timing even while it may not have been directly related to best work or effort. He also shared about how one thing that he worked on was one of his best efforts but he was too early to market and it didn’t net out in best outcome but he certainly felt good about putting forth his best effort.

Strong Leadership

In the short conversation that we had, I admire him that he does share about things that have been most challenging and what he thinks will be most challenging for him in the upcoming 2012 year. David has seen a lot of success with his current company Z2Live but he remains modest, humble, and level headed about all the good things and the challenging things that he’s faced. He’s keeping his cool when things are not going the right way and from what I can tell he helps keep everyone in his company from swaying too far off course too. That I believe comes from experience as an entrepreneur who’s been through tough situations as well as the really great times as well. There’s a few saying out there “you have experience the bad to appreciate the good” or “you have taste bitter to appreciate sweet”, “feel pain to appreciate pleasure”.

Reflecting On My Own Experiences

With all this reflecting on my own experiences, I am have to completely agree with David, that it doesn’t always correlate to my best outcome. I do know that every single time I do put out my best effort — I do feel success.

Setting Up For The Best Outcome

One thing that I try hard to do is always think about what is the best outcome, what is the most desirable results. From there I think about how can I achieve those results. The funny thing is that it doesn’t always take my best effort or work to achieve those results… however, I am very happy when the outcome is what I expected.
I’d love to hear from others what they think about this, does your best work correlate to your best outcome?


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