Virtual office – Seattle attorney Sitlani establishes Redmond presence

October 8, 2008

David Sitlani, from the Law offices of David Ravi Sitlani, initially toured thinkspace in the midst of the build out, dodging construction workers, looking at blueprints and listening to details of this new sustainable/creative office space in Redmond. Having just started his law practice with the main office in Seattle, he was looking for executive office space on the Eastside (Bellevue/Redmond area) that would provide him a professional business identity coupled with conference rooms. As thinkspaces’ door opened in May, David signed on as one of the first Virtual Office clients.
David provides quality attorney services at reasonable rates, which includes dealing with small businesses in the areas of choice of entity, ongoing legal audits/review of legal documents, wills/trust/estate planning and premarital agreements to name a few. He feels ideally situated as a small business attorney because he can identify with his clients’ needs. As a small business owner himself who started his own company, he knows the challenges that need to be overcome. The personal aspect of his practice is very important to him and, after having worked for larger firms in the past, he enjoys the one-on-one time with his clients.
David views thinkspace as the ideal set up for him and for other small businesses just starting out. He continues to be very pleased with his Virtual Office which provides him “an inviting space and allows for a professional appearance without having the overhead associated with it”. The thinkspace staff is front and center to professionally greet his clients and always make him feel welcome as well. Invitations to the on-site networking events are a helpful tool to meeting people and growing his business. Having the opportunity to see the space evolve, he reflects on how this Redmond office space “combines the look of a downtown Bellevue or Seattle facility but with a personable touch”.


Picture of thinkspace