What to do When You Drop Your Phone in Water

As a professional, you are constantly using your cell phone. You’re answering calls, emails, tweets, accessing files, checking in, taking pictures, checking the weather… with the millions of apps available for smartphones the options are truly endless. So, what do you do when you accidentally drop your phone in the lake? your cup of coffee? or in the sink? […]

Tools to Eliminate Unnecessary Emails Between Coworkers

Email. Yes, we all get a lot of it. If you haven’t taken a few moments to set up filters and priority lists in your inbox, sorting through your unread emails can be quite the time-consuming chore. Many small businesses rely on email as their main form of internal communication. This can be problematic. First, […]

Why Having A Social Media Department Is A Bad Idea

When you think about the rise of social media and it’s prevalence in today’s business world, you would think that a company with the right resources should have their own social media department, if not only as a part of the marketing team. That’s just plain wrong. A dedicated team for social is not the […]

Thinkspace Named One of Washington’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies

This summer, thinkspace was named as the 18th fastest-growing private company on the Eastside by the Puget Sound Business Journal. Back in July we celebrated our accomplishment along with 49 other Eastside businesses at a lovely awards banquet held at the Newcastle Golf Course. We really didn’t think it could get any better! However, this week […]

Twittiquette: A 21 Point Checklist For Better Tweeting

Etiquette is as important on social networks as it is at interviews and fancy dinners. You don’t wear cut-off jeans to formal events or chew with your mouth open at a business dinner, so don’t do the equivalent by forgetting your twitter manners! There are certain things that you can’t get away with on Twitter. Twittequette is an […]

Can You Say Grace? – Redmond Restaurant Graces 5 Does Food Differently

Graces 5 is a restaurant startup with the mission of revolutionizing healthy eating. Boasting a juice bar and soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free kitchen, Graces 5 still has something for everyone. Find it hard to believe? It’s true. We checked their menu This restaurant startup has definitely been a learning experience for owner Tim Sharpe whose […]

10 Reasons To Do Social Media The Right Way [Stats]

We live in a world surrounded by ads, that’s clear. With more methods of advertising, come more ways we learn to block them out. We are numb to many types of push marketing techniques, those types of ads and campaigns that saturate and annoy. Thankfully, we also live in a world where social media offers […]

VALA Eastside – Nonprofit Startup Embraces Art

VALA Eastside, which stands for Venue for Artists in the Local Area, is the nonprofit startup of artist and thinkspace member, Jessica Lambert. Lambert believes everyone can create, or as they say around ThinkSpace, “Everyone was given a box of crayons in kindergarten.” VALA works to bring artists together with the public so that local art […]

Google Is Going Through Changes, Here’s 3 You Need To Know About

With a crazy number of projects launching from Google Chromebooks to Google+, along with a few more clandestine endeavors, it’s easy to lose the less sexy stories in the shuffle. Here are 3 changes that are going to affect your business and search in huge ways starting….now. Google+ Brand Pages: Looks like overwhelming demand for a […]