3 Social Media Start Ups That Are Going to Change Your Life

No doubt, these three companies will change the social media world in the next year to three years. If you want to be ahead of the curve, check out what they do and why we think they they will be so important below. 1. Diaspora: Diaspora started to a lot of hoopla and continues to […]

5 Ways To Measure Your Influence In Social Media

It’s no secret that search is going is social. Influence in social media is already a part of what drives page ranking at Google and Bing. There are more great tools out there than ever before, so we’re going to cover 5 ways to measure your online influence in 2011. Get these services into your social […]

The 6 Stages Of Twitter Evolution

There was a  great post here by Robert Swanwick, aka Swan, @spkrinteractive,@swanwick, or @twchat (definitely check him out, he has some great stuff)  about the stages people go through as they find Twitter and begin to use it. The stages were great, but we tweaked a few based on what we see happening in among clients and friends. Any of these stages sound like […]

5 Steps To LinkedIn Stardom

Upwards of 80% of employers use LinkedIn at some point in their recruiting process and if you are looking for a job or fear you may be soon, you want to be a star on LinkedIn. (And for all you not looking for a job, pay attention, because these tips are good for growing you […]

5 Reasons Email Is Evil And Kills Productivity

They say Monday is the day you catch up on all those things from the weekend and that Tuesday is the day you really start working. Well, email may just have something to do with how unproductive Mondays can be. Across a variety of studies, email is shown to reduce your ability to focus on […]

Why Your Social Media Package Needs Music

It’s Bumbershoot today and everyone in Seattle is thinking music. Here’s why your business should be too! So you think you have it all, the Twitter page, the Facebook, the LinkedIn even. You’ve got a blog pumping out the fresh content daily, you know what, you even know how to use stations on Hootsuite or […]

Social Media ROI: Social Shares Are Worth Real Dollars!

Ever thought about exactly how much one of your Facebook fans or Twitter followers might be worth? In terms of real dollars? Well, Chompon set out to figure just that out and came back with some interesting results: Unfortunately, these numbers don’t necessarily mean that every time someone tweets about you, it’s going to translate […]

Cracking The Facebook Code: EdgeRank

Some of, if not the most important parts of the web are the algorithms that make it run. Google’s search formula determines who shows up where in results, web crawlers are controlled by algorithms as they comb the web for information, and yes, social media uses them to make our online social life tick too. A word […]

Just How Far Do Your Tweets Reach?

So you want to know: How many people actually see your tweets? How many people do those 140 characters actually make it to through your network? You know that social media is playing a role in SEO and you want to be influential, so let’s start with Twitter and see just how many people you’re […]