Office Space 2.0 (Part 1): Paradigm Shift in Office Space

Today, I’ve been having conversations about how unique thinkspace is compared with Bellevue shared office space companies.  I would say the things that make it different is that our space really is the next version of what is known as the “executive office suite & business center industry plus the concept of hot desking”. In Web 2.0 terms, one might call us an “office space mashup”.  A mashup of shared office space, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and coworking space.

Earlier this summer, I attended BarCamp Seattle.  I sat on a panel with a few other people that are running coworking space in and around Seattle.  I mentioned that I feel that much like how there’s a paradigm shift with the Internet where the emphasis was on commerce but has since shifted to people, your office space no longer needs to be in the hub of the downtown core, rather, it’s shifting to locations closer to where people live.  It’s no longer a drive in to the downtown, rather, it’s now a walk or bike ride to the place where you work.  I think this is partly due to the global energy crisis, rising energy and fuel costs.  Susan at Office Nomads wrote a blog post about Coworking and Transportation. I whole heartedly agree with her comment “coworking is a part of the future of working and sustainable neighborhoods”.

A few other components that makes this space different is our focus on community and sustainability.  Our vision is to create a place a great community for SMB’s to build sustainable businesses on the Eastside.  It’s about building community inside our space as well as being a part of the business community in Redmond.  We are active in the Redmond Chamber of Commerce as well as within the online Biznik community which starts with online connections that turn into face-to-face meetups.  We are using our large meeting rooms to host learning and networking events inside our space.  This helps allow people that are running businesses to make meaningful connections with other people that they might not otherwise come in contact with.

Photos from BarCamp Seattle 2008.

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How to find shared office space in Redmond

Every day I talk with people that are looking for office space in Redmond.  I thought I would do a quick summary of the available shared office space currently for lease.  A quick way to find office space is to Google “shared office space redmond” you get a list of companies that provide office space.  Google lists the following in the Local Business results:

  • thinkspace
  • Premier Business Centers: Redmond (no longer operating)
  • Business Service Center – Bellevue
  • Karman Executive Center
  • Regus / HQ Business Centers
  • Apple Tree Executive Suites
  • Bellevue East Office Suites
  • Juanita Bay Office Center
  • Eastside/Premier Business Center
  • North Creek Executive Office Suites

In the organic results, North Star Offices is also listed.  I wanted to bring this up as they are also a company that provides shared office space in Redmond.  Like thinkspace, North Star Offices is independently operated.  North Star Offices is run by Heidi and Molly.  I’d like to meet them but they were not around when I dropped by their space.  It appears that they have a mix of space — four open workstations, four private offices, as well as some group meeting space.  North Star’s space has a cozy and comfortable feel.

The second company listed on the Local Business Listings is Premier Business Centers: Redmond.  As of June 2008, they are no longer operating in Redmond.  Their Regional Vice President, Lisa Vojik, who managed the Redmond location has moved over to their Bellevue office which is located off I-90 in Eastgate.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and if you’re looking for space in Bellevue, she’s a sincere and true professional to work with.  Premier Business Centers is headquartered in California and also has a location in Bothell.

There other companies listed do not have a physical Redmond address as they are located in Bellevue and Kirkland.  Each of these shared office providers offer various pricing.  Some offer cheap office space, while others offer fully serviced space.  Fully serviced office space has many definitions but to be called fully serviced they should all offer things like phone, Internet access, onsite office manager, receptionist, copy machine, fax machine.

I’d like to point out that thinkspace offers much more than that.  We offer 1) Sustainable and creative office space that is built to LEED certification standards;  2) Reasonable pricing, just because it’s “green” doesn’t mean it costs more; 3) True VOIP (Voice over IP) communications; 4) Experienced staff committed to providing a healthy, friendly, professional environment; 5) Commitment to sustainable business practices; 6) and lastly, but just as important as the others is community.  We’re holding events monthly that allow you to mix it up with others as well as provide an opportunity for businesses to get exposure to all different topics that will foster and help your business grow.

We are in the business of leasing office space, but we’re also focused on building a strong community within thinkspace and the City of Redmond.  Our open areas are very conducive for collaborating with others.  We’ve got approximately 2,500 SF of shared space that is an extension of your private space.  We provide a large mix of space ranging from virtual offices, shared coworking space, private individual offices that can hold one person on up to 15 people.  Our goal is to provide the amount of space that will allow your company to grow and sustain.

There’s no long term 3 to 5 year commitment, large capital investment and financial risk, personal guarantee, triple net leases, long lease negotiations, and hiring and managing of office staff that you would need if you were to go with traditional office space.

If you’re looking for great space to call your “think space” and you are near Redmond, Woodinville, Bellevue, or Kirkland please consider checking us out.  When you tour, you can enjoy a cup of fair trade coffee and charge your electric car in our electric car charging station.

Sammamish man creates ‘space’ for home business owners

Mary Decker, Reporter for The Redmond Reporter wrote an article in the June 14th newspaper about thinkspace.  “Like many of his Sammamish neighbors, entrepreneur Peter Chee thought it would be wonderful to work at home. Instead, he felt isolated. He missed the atmosphere…: Here’s a link to the article.


Eastside Business Journal discusses how Thinkspace offers tenants the chance to “Be Green”

The Eastside Business Journal published an article about thinkspace on May 22.  The full article can be found here.  Here are a few highligts from the article.

Thanks to thinkspace, almost any small start-up company can overcome daunting obstacles, costs and compliance issues to become a certified “green” business from day one. 

“Many small businesses find it advantageous to market themselves as ‘green’,” states Mary Benz, Vice President of Operations at thinkspace.  “thinkspace makes this green opportunity available to any size business.”

I’m am quoted as saying “Fortune 500 companies can build LEED certified office space if they choose but for the small guy, it is much more difficult. ”

A variety of office sizes and configurations are available, ranging from single offices to 1,000 sq. feet of space for a team of employees.  Additionally, “coworking space” is an option that makes shared-space available on a daily or monthly fee basis.