Growing Your Business

Starting a business can be tough stuff. It can take years to get your company to the level that you want it to be. But, once you’ve become confident in your business model and the way things are going for your current business, you may start thinking about expanding and growing your business. Growing a […]

3 Reminders for Starting a Business

Entrepreneurs are passionate about their startups. Many are so eager to get started with their newest, greatest business idea that they rush out to get their licensing from their city and state, then sprint to press the “Go Button.” In reality, it really shouldn’t take too long to get your business up and running but […]

Just Because You’re the Leader Doesn’t Mean You Wear an "S" on Your Chest

Starting a company and building a team takes tremendous effort. Most entrepreneurs are pretty dang talented and the successful one’s are great at getting things done. Once you get the company moving, revenues are growing, you’re hiring more people, suddenly the talent and skills that got you here are no longer the skill sets to […]

Useful Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Last weekend, we hosted a Mobile App Hackathon here at thinkspace in our coworking area. At the event, 13 teams developed a wide variety of mobile apps in less than one day. Since thinkspace is a community filled with entrepreneurs, I started thinking…”what are some of the best apps for entrepreneurs?” I did some research […]

Why Write a Business Plan?

If you are struggling with writing a business plan or executive summary, you are not alone. Writing a business plan is supposed to be hard. But, don’t give up! There are critical reasons why you would want to write a business plan and I’m going to share just three of those critical reasons with you. […]

Protect Your Best Asset

When you saw the title of this article, what came to mind? That was actually a trick question for anyone other than the soloprenuer. If you are a soloprenuer, your best asset might be a “what.” But, for the rest of us – your best asset is probably a “who.”Earlier this year, Steve Ballmer announced […]

3 Ways to Save on Employee Salaries

Starting your own company can be a daunting task. Thinking about the expenses can be the most overwhelming part. Hiring employees can be one of the most expensive hurdles that you will have to overcome as a new business owner. But, you are in luck! There are alternatives to traditional hiring that can help you […]

Sales Symposium- Get Ready to Drink From the Fire Hose!

Sales Symposium- Friday, February 25th 2-4pm Join us for an afternoon of peer learning and discussion designed to support your company’s sales goals. thinkspace members, Matt Heinz and Brian Hansford will be sharing their sales expertise with the group.  They will take us through four categories pertaining to the sales process: Prospecting Closing the sale […]

5 Reasons to Make Your Office a Virtual Office

Lets face it- the way we live and work is changing rapidly. We are clocking into the office less and are trading in corporate positions to start our own businesses. We are working from home, in coffee shops, and during our bus commute; our laptops are our new desk! Working virtual has amazing perks, however, […]

Twitter Marketing for Small Business

Thank You Shannon Evans, author of The Definitive Twitter Guide: Making Tweets Work for Your Business, for her willingness to be our guest author for today’s blog post. Shannon has hit the Twitter and Social Media scene like a freight train, she’s everywhere! We are so lucky to have her as a friend of thinkspace, […]