5 Fitness Apps to Keep You Moving

This is a guest post from our friends at Salty Waffle. These 5 mobile apps will turn you into a fitness freak. There are apps here for all kinds of exercise so give them a try and let us know if you see some results! DailyBurn App: The DailyBurn takes their social networking approach to fitness mobile. Login to your […]

Useful Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Last weekend, we hosted a Mobile App Hackathon here at thinkspace in our coworking area. At the event, 13 teams developed a wide variety of mobile apps in less than one day. Since thinkspace is a community filled with entrepreneurs, I started thinking…”what are some of the best apps for entrepreneurs?” I did some research […]

Mobile App Hackathon at thinkspace

On Saturday, July 16th we hosted the AT&T Developer Program’s Mobile App Hackathon! The event started first thing Saturday morning at 9am in our coworking space. Lightning talks from developer support reps started at 10am and by 11am the room was split into teams working away on different code ideas! We had 135+ developers networking, […]

CAMBadge a Mobile App for Face-to-Face Networking

There’s a new networking app called “CAMBadge“. I saw this app at the AT&T Mobile Hackathon that we held here last weekend. The CAMbadge is the name badge that always has your information correct and can help you remember the people you meet at events. Just tap the screen and it takes a picture of […]

5 Reasons to Attend a Hackathon

A hackathon is an event where developers meet to do collaborative computer programming. The term “hackathon”  is a mashup of the programmer slang word hack, and a marathon (you know, that really long distance foot race- 26.2 miles to be precise).  Some companies organize internal hackathons to develop new products and features as quickly as possible. A […]

5 Useful Blackberry Apps

If you’re one of the few remaining Blackberry users out there you probably find yourself feeling a little left behind when reading about the amazingly-innovative Apple and Android apps on the market. I (Kristin) still use a Blackberry for two very specific reasons.  1) I had two Android phones and shattered the screen on 4 […]