Seth Godin in Seattle: Fighting the Resistance

Last Friday, Peter, Alyssa, and I had the opportunity to see Seth Godin here in Seattle at the ACT Theater. We also attended with five of our thinkspace members, Mirko Freguia, Andrew Spottswood, Javier Palamo, Ali Spain, and Matt Heinz. Seth Godin is the famous author of Linchpin, Permission Marketing, Tribes, Poke in the Box, […]

Passion Is Not Enough, Success Is Built On Momentum

Passion is the first thing you hear about when you talk with people that are really happy doing what they love. I’ve read books from Gary Vaynerchuk like “Crush It” which focuses on doing what you love and have a passion for. I even wrote a blog post on “Crush It! Living Your Passion or […]

Examples of Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Good intentions don’t necessarily mean anything as they can so often go wrong. Take a look at that picture for example. One would guess that this was made for a baby shower or to celebrate a first birthday – great intention, but it looks as if someone tried to bake an actual baby. Having good […]

Alyssa Magnotti: The past, present, and future

I’d like to share with our community that Alyssa Magnotti has been promoted into a new position here at thinkspace. As an entrepreneur, I forget all the time to recognize the wins and take a moment to pause. The win that I’m recognizing today is that I’ve finally got my #2 in place! Alyssa’s new […]

'APP'racadabra: Mobile App Symposium

As an entrepreneur do you have an idea for a mobile app but have always thought I’m not technical enough, it’s too difficult, it’s too expensive, it’s too challenging? Want to talk about your idea and figure out a way to create that application? Do you have an idea but want a working prototype before […]

5 Useful Blackberry Apps

If you’re one of the few remaining Blackberry users out there you probably find yourself feeling a little left behind when reading about the amazingly-innovative Apple and Android apps on the market. I (Kristin) still use a Blackberry for two very specific reasons.  1) I had two Android phones and shattered the screen on 4 […]

Does Your Business Need an Evolution or a Revolution?

Many business owners find themselves hitting a wall or a block of some kind at some point along their entrepreneurial journey. In a case such as this, most entrepreneurs agree that a change needs to be made. After all, to repeat the same action over and over again and expect different results is the definition […]

Meet Featured Thinkspace Member: Mirko Freguia from Copperfin

On June 1st we had our monthly Wine Wednesday event. At the event each month we take the opportunity to showcase one of our thinkspace member companies. This time around we were lucky enough to have one of our newest members, Mirko Freguia from Copperfin speak at the event. “Copperfin is a client-centric creative communications […]

Work, Life, Balance is a Pile of Bunk. It’s About Life, Life, Balance

Right around 1986 the hot thing to talk about was “Work, Life, Balance” (WLB). For Baby Boomers and Gen X, the next decade was about how to achieve this euphoric “WLB”. I’m here to say that Work, Life, Balance is a pile of crap. Firstly, the premise of WLB is that work is in opposition […]

How To Nurture Your Employees (And Other Bits of Wisdom)

When you think about being a leader or a manger, what comes to mind? Are you thinking about a large corner office? Maybe the fact that you are the “boss” and in charge of everyone else at work? Or, do you think about the opportunity that you have to help the people in your company […]