Skype Outage? When Skype Fails, Try a Better Option

You’ve heard the addage “you get what you pay for.” Well, I definitely think that that’s the case when it comes to Skype. Why would you rely on a free service for your business calls when you can find something that’s next to free that was designed for businesses and entrepreneurs. thinkspace offers a consumption-based […]

Pitfalls to Working From Home

Making the decision to work from home can make a lot of sense. For the self-employed, there are lots of benefits; decreased overhead is one of the biggest ones. Paying lower monthly rent can really help the bottom line for a new business. Not all personality types are well-suited to working from home, however. Here’s […]

Ensure First Day Success With These 3 Tips

With the coming of a new year, many companies experience a change in their team. Whether you will be the one joining a new team this year or you’re hiring a new team member, you always want to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. When you start a new job many employees want to […]

Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz

Normally, I read a book and write about it.  This time around, I’m just saying that I’ve started reading the book.  It comes highly recommended by Jake McKee, Chief Strategy Officer for Ant’s Eye View (disclaimer: Ant’s Eye View is a thinkspace member).  In Jake’s words: “The one piece of advice I’ve consistently give each […]

4 Secrets to Holiday Party Success

The annual company Christmas party is something that everyone looks forward to every year, but sometimes it’s hard to anticipate how much time and effort will go into planning an outstanding event. Add to this the unpredictable nature of business; you might get unexpectedly snowed under with December sales! What’s a corporate party planner to […]

2010 Holiday Giving Campaign

Many companies have some interesting traditions that they honor during the holiday season, whether its throwing a great holiday party, sporting ugly sweaters or playing the White Elephant Gift game; traditions can be a fun way to spend quality time with coworkers. These traditions are something that many employees look forward to all year round; […]

Need a Business Website? Tips for Success

There is a special soft spot in my heart for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. They are passionate, focused and driven which is inspiring and completely energizes me when I get the opportunity to work with them. Typically smaller startups don’t have a staff to handle their website and marketing needs. If this sounds like […]

As an Entrepreneur You're Dead if You Can't Sell

Over the last couple weeks I had at least three different conversations with successful entrepreneurs who have started and sold a company, people who have just started their business, or read articles that talk about the “one thing that successful entrepreneurs do differently“. There’s a lot of things that every successful entrepreneur does, but, there […]