Sales Symposium- Get Ready to Drink From the Fire Hose!

Sales Symposium- Friday, February 25th 2-4pm Join us for an afternoon of peer learning and discussion designed to support your company’s sales goals. thinkspace members, Matt Heinz and Brian Hansford will be sharing their sales expertise with the group.  They will take us through four categories pertaining to the sales process: Prospecting Closing the sale […]

What are you doing October 22nd?

I assume that most of you have heard of the upcoming release of the new Windows7. I will also assume that you have heard of the global launch parties and the degree of lameness that was applied to the marketing. While some of these parties might very well be somewhat lame (for lack of a better word), I […]

1st Annual Golf Tournament

The thinkspace 1st Annual Golf Tournament was played at Suncadia.  The course is absolutely beautiful and scenic.  There’s nothing like playing golf in that kind of surrounding.  The one thing that I really enjoyed was getting a chance to know the thinkspace members and learn more about each of their businesses.  It was also great […]

Member Spotlight: Solar Casters

Steve Ihnen is founder of Solar Casters.  Solar Casters is the weather forecaster for the solar industry.  Steve’s company focuses on providing daily solar forecasts to utility companies.  Solar Caster’s clients are worldwide where there are solar installations ranging from 45 kW to 350 mW.  Steve’s weather forecasting software model takes into account 25 years […]

Member Spotlight: Sysgain

Mike Brophy and Sarah Brophy are with Sysgain, a company that has offices in Redmond, Washington DC, and Las Vegas.  Sysgain develops software for the iPhone, provides staffing services, consulting services, and process management.  Mike and Sarah are the driving force behind the Sales, Strategy, and Marketing for Sysgain. Sysgain places engineers, project managers, designers, marketing […]

Member Spotlight: Newline Software

Kory Gill and Marius Nita (Newline Software), have been generating a buzz in the tech world as the media gets a peek at what these two Microsoft Veterans are up to.  Eric Engleman, with the Puget Sound Business Journal interviewed Kory and Marius on January 26th.  Here’s a link to that article.  They were also […]