Beat the Heat! Free coworking this week

I left the house this morning and it was already 77 degrees.  For four years I worked at home and remember that once in a while the temperature gets so warm that it really is hard to work inside the house. So this week, I’m opening up thinkspace for free to people looking to start […]

Coworking Visa – Reciprocal Office Space

Back in October, I had a member ask us if we had space in San Francisco.  I told them that we did not, but, I did refer them to use Citizen Space.  I exchanged an email with Tara Hunt at Citizen Space and she told me that they “have a free drop-in policy…so anyone who […] Seattle green office space mashup hosts interesting startups

Robert Scoble from FastCompany toured our space and posted an article about us.  Here’s what he said: “Want to work with a ton of cool startups like iPhone app developer Shazam? Well, then you’ll want to check out Thinkspace which is run by Peter Chee up in Redmond, WA. Right near Microsoft’s campus. Here Peter […]

Office Space 2.0 (Part 3): From seed to stem to branch & leaves

Your business goes through different stages and depending on your stage, your need for office space can have very different requirements.  Shared office space can help provide a business’s a place to go from seed to stem to branch and leaves. Seed: Your business could be a concept that you’re trying to get started.  You […]

Office Space 2.0 (Part 1): Paradigm Shift in Office Space

Today, I’ve been having conversations about how unique thinkspace is compared with Bellevue shared office space companies.  I would say the things that make it different is that our space really is the next version of what is known as the “executive office suite & business center industry plus the concept of hot desking”. In […]

Office Space 2.0 (Part 2): Who uses Shared Office Space & Coworking Space

We believe that because we have a dynamic mix of space, we also have a dynamic mix of companies that use our space.  There are many of types of industries and users that recognize the value of shared office space and mix of coworking space.  We are seeing our space work great for: Industries and […]

How to find shared office space in Redmond

Every day I talk with people that are looking for office space in Redmond.  I thought I would do a quick summary of the available shared office space currently for lease.  A quick way to find office space is to Google “shared office space redmond” you get a list of companies that provide office space.  Google lists […]