Is Your Home Office Costing You Business?

The home office is where a lot of entrepreneurs and startups begin for what I think are obvious reasons: it’s at no cost and a safe place to build. You can take conference calls or meetings either at your desk or off-site at your favorite coffee shop and the flexibility is great. I can’t pretend […]

Working Near Water: Why You Should Do It

One of my favorite things about thinkspace Seattle is that I can see so clearly over Lake Union to Eastlake and no matter today or in five years, it will be the same or similar view; that is they won’t be building on top of water anytime soon. I also find watching the seaplanes taking […]

How I Work With Tiffany Larson, ZappBug

The “How I Work” series, most noteworthy done by Lifehacker, has been reproduced by multiple authors for good reason: people love to hear from successful and influential people and learn the intricacies of their day-to-day. It can be inspiring and motivating to hear about the best, and oftentimes most simplistic practices.   Bi-monthly, you’ll hear from thinkspace’s […]

Free Coworking in Seattle, and the Winner is Dan Goldgeier!

On June 12th at Turnstone’s SmallTalks event in Seattle, thinkspace announced that we are launching our 2nd location in Fremont (#thinkspaceSEA). We are so excited to be opening in Fremont, as they say it’s the “center of the universe.” During SmallTalks we offered up a free month of coworking in our Seattle office to the 10th person that retweeted our announcement. “What’s the […]

Just Because You’re the Leader Doesn’t Mean You Wear an "S" on Your Chest

Starting a company and building a team takes tremendous effort. Most entrepreneurs are pretty dang talented and the successful one’s are great at getting things done. Once you get the company moving, revenues are growing, you’re hiring more people, suddenly the talent and skills that got you here are no longer the skill sets to […]

Working from Home? Coworking Could Be Your New Best Friend

Here at thinkspace, we are thrilled to offer coworking as an office space solution for our members. Just in case you haven’t heard of coworking before- it is a space designed for individual workers who are looking for a space and a community to work alongside (for more info check out the coworking wiki). Our […]

Community of Entrepreneurs: "I Had No Idea"

I own my own business. I have only owned the business for a year, and have struggled to no end with getting it off the ground. From general accounting and law related issues, to the alienation and frustration from working at home, I honestly was not enjoying my situation as much as I thought I […]

Seattle Commercial Real Estate: Professionals and startups have options to explore

Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) by Peter Chee Guest Columnist: Double-digit unemployment, challenging economic times and other reasons for career reinvention have created a community of independent business professionals seeking places to do business beyond the local coffee shop. Read on to consider options to serve members of what best-selling author Daniel Pink describes as […]

Lessons Learned from Office Space

The fact that people are most productive when around others has been proven in more conventional ways. But, we are going to mix it up a bit and bring it right back to 1999 and the release of the movie Office Space.  If you haven’t yet seen this epic comedy, please stop reading here and […]