Thinkspace CEO & Founder Celebrated as a Community Builder in Boston Marathon

There is a strong connection between entrepreneurs and endurance athletes. It’s not surprising when you think of what is needed to excel in either ambition. You need to be disciplined. You need to train. You need to be organized. You need to prepare for the unexpected and to try to have fun. Thinkspace CEO and […]

Your EQ is a Hot Topic

A colleague is having a rough day and looks upset and is being argumentative. How you deal with it says a lot about your emotional intelligence. Are you pretending that it’s not happening or do you tell them to cut it out? Perhaps you have a workplace where people are comfortable and confident being honest […]

An Evening With Jack Daly

On July 13th thinkspace co-hosted an event with speaker Jack Daly, a leading sales speaker and trainer with over 30 years of sales and executive experience. Quickly, everyone in the room recognized Jack for his enthusiasm, ambition and learned that he always has his playbook (both personal and professional) at hand to conquer whatever is […]

Intentions for Strong Mental Health

With the start of 2020 we know that people are setting intentions or resolutions for the year both personally and professionally. When the new year hits, good health is often a big topic and having good health will certainly influence how you perform both in and out of the office. Though I could write for […]

How to Build The Best Team

It’s fun to watch our thinkspace companies grow. We have members who began with a hot desk in our Lake Union space who have expanded into larger and then multiple offices for space for their growing teams. In Redmond we have members who expand into larger offices and then office suites, where renovations and custom […]

Is Your Home Office Costing You Business?

The home office is where a lot of entrepreneurs and startups begin for what I think are obvious reasons: it’s at no cost and a safe place to build. You can take conference calls or meetings either at your desk or off-site at your favorite coffee shop and the flexibility is great. I can’t pretend […]

Why Entrepreneurs Should Write Things Down

Are you familiar with the Youtube rabbit hole where you watch one video that leads into the next and so on so forth and all of a sudden an hour has passed? I’m like that when it comes to reading articles. One article shares information from another *click*. The next has a video with an […]

Smartphones Keep Your Newsletter Relevant

I’ve been spending a part of my day lately reading up on email marketing; when supporting an entrepreneur, it’s a helpful resource and understanding to have in my arsenal. There are multiple companies and experts in the field of marketing that are a part of the thinkspace community as well, so gaining resources are available […]