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November 2012

In almost any real-world situation, you rarely have much time to make a first impression. A polished appearance is important, but that only goes so far - the first few things you say about yourself and your business (or, "what you do") is paramount to forging a new business relationship.

Enter [what’s been on my mind] Many of the things that I’m thankful for also tend to stress me out. Blink [see a new perspective] As an avid list maker, I recently made two lists. The first list: ten things that stress me out. The second list: ten things that I am thankful for. In comparing

Big, lavish corporate holiday parties are a great way to help startups and teams unwind after a very busy and stressful year. This is the one time of year where winding down is acceptable for startups, though investors are understandably very alert to overspending on holiday festivities and other non-critical tasks. So, what