Ever been laid off? Watch "Lemonade The Movie"

I got contacted by Tyler Hurst @tdhurst to see if thinkspace would be interested in doing a screening for “Lemonade The Movie” created by Erik Proulx @eproulx.  After watching the trailer, it brought back the memories of my past back when I got laid off from a startup that I was at back in November […]

Yes, you can tether the iPad to an iPhone or Windows Mobile Phone

This weekend I finally sat down and figured out how to tether my iPad to my Windows Mobile phone. After getting it connected I’m so glad that I didn’t wait and buy the iPad 3G which costs $629 + $30/mo or $360/yr. for a data plan. In order to figure this out, I started searching […]

Worrying About the ROI of Social Media? Dont!

Since the start of 2010, I’ve been recieving a lot of requests to meet with different business owners and consultants to review how thinkspace uses social media to generate business. It seems that companies are finally starting to grasp the fact that Social Media in the business world is here to stay and they are […]

External Backup Device – Rosewill Case & Samsung EcoGreen Drive

I haven’t done a post like this in a long time, but, here goes a product review.  I recently decided to get an external drive to backup my MacBook Pro, iMac’s, Desktop PC’s, and servers in the office.  All of our stuff is backed up to a file server which is RAID 0+1.  However, I […]

The 8 Best Business iPad Apps

For me the iPad has been amazing. While it is a bright shiny object (BSO) and I have been known to become distracted by “BSO’s”, I have found it to have utility beyond just a cool new gadget.  I’ve been intent on finding new ways to use the iPad for business reasons and have discovered […]

Networking and Nine!

Starting Friday April 16th, members of the thinkspace community are going to come together and hit the golf course!  This will be a fun way to start off every weekend, and it will give us a chance to network with other people inside the thinkspace walls.  Bring a club, or even your whole bag, and […]

"Creating a job feels like winning"

I just finished reading an article in the USA Today column titled “Give thanks to job creators“. I am honored that every day I work in a community of entrepreneurs, startups, non-profits, small businesses who are not only doing the very thing that they are passionate about, but, I see new jobs being created and […]

Bye Bye Boring Bio Workshop with Nancy Juetten

I really can’t wait to hear Nancy speak at our upcoming “Bye Bye Boring Bio” workshop on Wednesday, April 14th from 3-4pm! She always has such great insight and terrific takeaways that you can use immediately to spice up your bio. Her information is priceless and there is so much to learn that it’s often […]

ProLango Career Mixer: Paul’s Interview with KIRO’s Frank Shier

More audio at MyNorthwest.com Paul Anderson, founder of ProLango was interviewed by KIRO’s Frank Shiers last night. (Listen in at the 24:00 mark) One of the key questions that Frank asked Paul was: Frank Shiers: “What is one piece of advice that you can give to a job seeker?” Paul Anderson: “Leave you behind.” Frank […]