Fun Fall Activities for This Weekend

Still haven’t made plans for the weekend? Check out my top three picks for fun fall activities this year on the Eastside. Pick #3 – If you want to stick to the Eastside this weekend, check out The South 47 Farm (just minutes away from thinkspace actually). They’ve got fresh vegetables, gourds, and pumpkins galore […]

Lessons Learned from Office Space

The fact that people are most productive when around others has been proven in more conventional ways. But, we are going to mix it up a bit and bring it right back to 1999 and the release of the movie Office Space.  If you haven’t yet seen this epic comedy, please stop reading here and […]

EO Accelerator Style Learning Event – Oct. 27

EO Accelerator is an incredible program for entrepreneurs that want to scale their business or startup from $250,000 in gross revenues to the $1 million dollar mark and above. I have been very impressed with the Accelerator Program’s  learning day events. I’ve attended two events this year.  The first one was focused on cash flow […]

Nicole Donnelly at thinkspace

Wednesday, November 4th  |  12:00pm  |  thinkspace “Selling cookies for profit as a little girl was the first in a long line of successful entrepreneurial ventures. Whether I was riding off a big jump at the X Games as a world-class professional snowboarder or launching, growing, and ultimately selling the majority of Babylegs LLC — […]

What are you doing October 22nd?

I assume that most of you have heard of the upcoming release of the new Windows7. I will also assume that you have heard of the global launch parties and the degree of lameness that was applied to the marketing. While some of these parties might very well be somewhat lame (for lack of a better word), I […]

Starent Networks acquired by Cisco #tsmember

Starent Networks, one of our very first thinkspace members has been acquired by Cisco. Congrats to members Jeff Jackson, Kevin Smith, Vinod Kumar, Steve Bailey, Paul Mentz, Dale Zook, Brett Johnson, and Mark Nelson! The NY Times reported that on Tuesday, October 13th, Cisco announced that it would pay $35 a share, or $2.9 billion, for Starent […]

Parnassus Group: Behind the Scenes @ The Twitter Conference Los Angeles #140tc

Tony Robbins (Photo by Jim Alden @techfrog) I recently got back from The Twitter Conference LA. The organizers of this event, the Parnassus Group (Steve, Jason, Kim, Joseph) are thinkspace members. I’m fortunate to be able to hang out with them on a daily basis and see what goes into creating events of this magnitude. […]