Cracking The Facebook Code: EdgeRank

Some of, if not the most important parts of the web are the algorithms that make it run. Google’s search formula determines who shows up where in results, web crawlers are controlled by algorithms as they comb the web for information, and yes, social media uses them to make our online social life tick too. A word […]

Is Facebook Invincible?

With Google+ quickly gaining a strong user base, the question keeps popping up: Is Facebook invincible? It wasn’t long ago that MySpace was the end all, be all in the world of social networking. Just a few years later, the once up-start Facebook, dominates. The grip Facebook has on our world is tight; with over 600 million users, 2.5 million Facebook integrated […]

Facebook And Business: Cold Hard Facts

This is a guest blog post from our friends at Salty Waffle Social Media Class. – If you’ve been trying to get around to implementing a Facebook strategy for your business, but never got around to it, these facts might help push you over the edge. Dive in! These facts show how important Facebook and […]

Discover Who Unfriends You on Facebook

This is a guest blog post from our friends over at Salty Waffle. Written by Mitchell Cuevas. I am warning you, what I am about to teach you may give you information you think you want to know, but actually don’t. While there are all sorts of scams out there promising to tell you who […]

I’m now "LinkedIn" to one million connections now what?

I just logged into LinkedIn to find out that I’m now connected and somehow linked to one million people. What does that mean? Is there value in having “access” to these people? I certainly can’t call all of these people my friends. After hitting one million LinkedIn connections, it’s making me think about all the […]