How Do I Get Started Growth Hacking My Startup?

I recently had the opportunity to attend a General Assembly Seattle presentation on growth hacking tech startups by growth hacking pioneer Nik Badminton. Nik is a self-described “recovering management consultant, ad man” author, futurist and the current Regional Director at Freelancer, the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace. Freelancer was founded in 2004 and is […]

Re-hiring an Employee That Quit Your Startup

What I’m about to write is NOT going to resonate with the millennial Gen-Y crowd and that’s ok. This post is written for the startup founder, entrepreneur, and small company CEO. This topic is looking through the lens of the person that created the company, started the company with their own money, and pretty much […]

A Roadmap to Develop Leaders With Both Heart & Horsepower

I’ve been running my company for six years and it still feels like a startup. I’ve had bits and parts of a leadership team in the past but it never matured into a leadership team that was able to scale and grow to reach the next level. We’re already in the top 4% of all […]

Campfire Show & Tell | Showcasing Mobisante

A wise food blogger once wrote, “Valentine’s Day will be over soon, but chocolate is forever.” So take those words to heart, and join us for some cocoa confections as we showcase thinkspace member Mobisante at our monthly Campfire Show & Tell event! It’s all taking place in the second floor lobby at our Redmond location […]

A post-Super Bowl-post: Stop trying to have a better past.

Handling loss. A fitting topic for this dreary-raining-post-Super-Bowl-Monday morning. Especially if you’re a Seahawks fan. Especially if you’re a Seahawks fan that wore her wedding dress+jersey only because that’s what you wore on February 1st, 2014 (thinking, superstitiously, “This better work…”). Especially if you couldn’t sleep last night because you replayed that last possession over and over […]