WSJ: Three Best Ways to Get Lean: Consider Coworking!

I was reading the Wall Street Journal and found this article: Three Best Ways to Get Lean, March 28, 2010. It talks about how layoffs are not the only option for saving. They provided three best ways. 1. Consolidate your workspace If your business is run out of more than one rented office, consider consolidating […]

Take comfort in being uncomfortable about being comfortable

There are two areas that I personally want to strengthen: 1) Communication and 2) Leadership. Over the last few years, I’ve come to recognize that in order for thinkspace to be a place where amazing things happen it requires people and a team that are highly motivated to do remarkable things. A team that understands […]

How to build a $100 million+ company: Mark Moses

Today I spent half my day at an Entrepreneur Organization (EO Seattle) event.  Mark Moses was the speaker.  Mark spends the majority of his time working one on one with CEO’s and organizations helping them with strategies to grow their business, grow revenue and increase profits. He knows what makes ordinary people do extraordinary things. […]

The Anti-Creativity Checklist

My Anti-Creativity Checklist from Youngme Moon on Vimeo. I was reading the Harvard Business Review and stumbled into this video about “The Anti-Creativity Checklist“. I watched this video and loved it, so I wanted to embed it over here on the thinkspace blog. Everywhere I look, I see companies with imagination, innovation, and out-of-box thinking. […]

Danielle Bartoletti our new team member!

I’m delighted to introduce Danielle Bartoletti to our thinkspace Community.  Danielle is a Coug. (yes, Dawgs and Cougs can co-exist on the same team).  Danielle went to WSU and has BA in Sociology with a concentration in Business and Economics.  My personal feeling is that this type of degree is excellent because life and business […]

thinkcamp 2010 Made Possible By…

thinkcamp 2010 is going to be a blast! We are now only days away from this amazing annual event and we know that this year will be the best yet! And, that is all thanks to our wonderful sponsors! Matt Heinz, owner of Heinz Marketing has been an awesome contact over the past six months. […]