Environmentally responsible Redmond office chit-chat

It’s a lot easier to live and work green when someone else is doing all the work for you. The Parnassus Group moved into thinkspace a little over a month ago, and it’s been great for us so far. I commute from Fremont, which is fun, but more importantly it gives you an idea of […]

I’m now "LinkedIn" to one million connections now what?

I just logged into LinkedIn to find out that I’m now connected and somehow linked to one million people. What does that mean? Is there value in having “access” to these people? I certainly can’t call all of these people my friends. After hitting one million LinkedIn connections, it’s making me think about all the […]

Incubator workstation redefines small footprint

I ran across this article on Treehugger which shows this photo of a new incubator workstation concept that stacks.  The designer is Honfay Lui.  I’m into office space solutions and love nice furniture design but this pretty much would kill any productivity inside of me if I had to work in this kind of environment.  Envision […]

DIY: Sustainable Bamboo Whiteboards

We’ve completed our bamboo wrapped whiteboards for our office space at thinkspace.  One of my original ideas was to have the contractor who was building out our space do this, but, when I got the cost estimate I about choked.  It was another classic case of “it’s green let’s charge ’em more”!  I immediately looked […]

EcoCommuting and Sustainable Living Fair Event

Come out and join thinkspace at the EcoCommuting and Sustainable Living Fair at Redmond Town Center on Thursday, August 21st.  This event is about celebrating a cleaner, healthier environment.  There will be over 20 informational booths showcasing what local businesses and non-profits are doing to support sustainable living.  This event is by: Greater Redmond Transportation Management […]

"Green" dry erase whiteboard markers for your office

I’ve done my analysis for which dry erase marker we’re purchasing for thinkspace and we’re going with the AusPen.  Before making a purchasing decision, I try and make sure that I read enough about products to be sure I’m not just buying into the “green” hype. I look at the company, their mission statement, and […]

Moderation Policy

Like lots of other blogs, we have implemented a moderation policy. If your posts do not show up it might be because it is in violation of our policy. Here are some of the rules and they of course are subject to change. 1. Spamming. Linkwhoring. Re-posting text you’ve already posted on other sites. 2. […]

How to find shared office space in Redmond

Every day I talk with people that are looking for office space in Redmond.  I thought I would do a quick summary of the available shared office space currently for lease.  A quick way to find office space is to Google “shared office space redmond” you get a list of companies that provide office space.  Google lists […]