3 Ways to Increase Joy as an Entrepreneur

Last month I held SMASH, my monthly administrative meetup at thinkspace, and invited my cohort of executive assistants, senior assistants, office managers and the like, and we explored a topic that drew in great discussion: wellness at work. Though I support the CEO and Founder of thinkspace, I also work as a holistic health and […]

Why Entrepreneurs Should Practice Yoga

I go in phases with my yoga practice. I love a 30-day yoga challenge and sometimes extend it for another 30-60 days. Then I often stop making it a priority because I’d rather go for my morning run or because that extra 30 minutes of sleep is enticing, but it’s not just my flexibility and […]

5 Ways to Clear Your Head to Increase Concentration

 We all have times when we feel very unproductive and have a hard time focusing on our tasks. Finding inspiration can turn into a major problem if you don’t fuel and rest your brain from time to time. But–to the rescue!–there are some easy ways to “unstick” your brain: 1. Take a pause If you […]

The Five Things You Should Do Every Day

This is a guest post from one of our members, Matt Heinz from Heinz Marketing. Read more from Matt on his blog, Matt on Marketing. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into the day, every day. You can get lost in email, lost in meetings, lost in your RSS feed or social networks. You can feel busy, […]