Four Steps to Creating a Successful Content Strategy

Traditional media forces have become something of a pastime. More and more companies are using content strategies to improve their SEO and gain additional website traffic. The idea of free marketing is one that almost every business owner will take to. Creating content without a strategy is a big mistake – if you are lucky, […]

Writing Your First Blog Post – So easy an 8th grader could read it!

For someone who has never written a blog post, it is hard to know where to begin when you see the flashing cursor blinking at the top of your empty screen.  With the help of Salty Waffle’s Social Media Class at thinkspace, I now have 3 easy guidelines for writing a blog post that even […]

Analyze Your Frequent Keywords With Wordle

I am participating in Salty Waffle’s Social Media Class today and we are learning about social media strategy for brand marketing. This class is fantastic. I am refreshing my current knowledge, learning a ton of new tricks, and meeting great people. Class instructors, Nicole Donnelly and Mitchell Cuevas had us create a visual representation of our […]

Blogging for your Business

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Steve Broback, co-author of “Blogging for your Business“.  We had a very interesting conversation inside the thinkspace office.  He addressed me initially as the “the blogger”.  I was humored by that comment.  I was glad that he knew that thinkspace had a blog before he had even toured our […]