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Author: Annie Duncan

The other day I came across this saved list in my iPhone.   And it probably deserves an explanation.   During my three-year graduate program, my classmates and I frequented fine karaoke establishments. And during that time, I started to track the songs I sang. *The “x’s” mark repeat offenders.   While my graduate degree required a lot of studying and research, my

Enter [what’s been on my mind] Leadership is important, and among the ever-changing workplace, a new kind of leadership has emerged.  The traditional model of hierarchical top-down leadership is effective, but this different type of leadership includes people from the bottom up.  Empowering people to lead gives them more than just

Enter [what’s been on my mind] Many of the things that I’m thankful for also tend to stress me out. Blink [see a new perspective] As an avid list maker, I recently made two lists. The first list: ten things that stress me out. The second list: ten things that I am thankful for. In comparing