Define Your Success

Every person’s definition of success is different. According to success is defined as “the favorable outcome of something attempted.” Take a moment to consider’s definition one more time. One thing that becomes quite clear is that in order to have a chance at being successful, you must actually attempt to do something. Many […]

Ten Rules For Starting a Business

Today’s post was written by thinkspace member, Matt Heinz from Heinz Marketing. I’ll never forget the very first day of Heinz Marketing. It was just me, a laptop and a (pending) business license. I had a meeting with a new client in downtown Seattle in the morning, and a prospect in the afternoon. My mid-day […]

In Life & Building a Company: It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

Here’s a very personal story that I shared with my thinkspace team about one year ago – April 2010. I was re-reading this story because I’m about to start my second year in the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT and I wanted to reflect back on what kind of impact is this having on me […]

The Third Law of Performance

Well here we are, at last! The Third Law of Performance: Future-based language transforms how situations occur to people The Third Law gives us the power to create results. As we learned in the First Law of Performance, “How people perform correlates to how situations occur for them,” and the Second Law of Performance, “How […]

4 Steps to Making Good Business Decisions

Starting a business can be a very scary task. It’s tough to make the many decisions that lead up to the actual start of a business. Will your company be an LLC, a C-Corp, a non-profit or something else entirely? Where will you work? Who will you hire? All of these decisions are very important, […]

Do Your Board Members Stop You From Making Mistakes? | #techtues

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]k10efDiKQfA[/youtube] First fifteen minutes of “Build Your Board” by Mike Crill Mike Crill, Managing Director for Atlas Accelerator spoke at thinkspace for our Tech Tuesday event. Mike spoke on “Build Your Board”. He covered things like what types of boards are there, how much to compensate your board, how to measure if your […]

The Second Law of Performance

My post from last week discussed the First Law. This week we’re diving into the Second Law of Performance from The Three Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan. The Second Law: How a situation occurs arises in language. Logan and Zaffron explain the Second Law by stating, “How situations occur is inseparable from language.” […]

UnMarketing: Cease to Sell and Begin to Engage! (Book Review)

Last time I wrote about the book UnMarketing I told you a little bit of what I thought it might be about, my excitement to read it and entirely too much about my apparent obsession with Amazon. But, that’s not going to be my blog post today (a second blog post on the exact same […]

The First Law of Performance

This post is a continuation from my Introduction to The Three Laws of Performance.  Over the next three posts I will be writing about each of the three laws individually. So, let’s jump right in… The First Law of Performance: How people perform correlates to how situations occur for them. You might be asking what […]

Advisory Board: A Couple Creative Ways to Form One

I’ve been reading a lot of different articles on building an advisory board. I came across an article by Mark Suster. Mark is a two time startup founder. In the article Mark shares “Should you have an advisory board“. Under deliver relative to expectations Mark states that in his experience “most advisory boards under deliver […]