No Excuses. Break Through & Come Up with the Results

I’m reading “Poke the Box” by Seth Godin. I like reading Godin because it’s inspirational and motivating. He definitely subscribes to the “no excuse” mentality. I’ve got a huge pet peeve and it’s that I can’t stand people that make excuses. A “No Excuse Attitude” to me means — when you are committed to something […]

Create Massive Demand For Your Business

How can you create massive demand for your business? Tonight, Paul Anderson with Prolango Consulting will be speaking at a Biznik event where he will address this pressing question. According to the event page, Paul will explain “how to get an explosive number of clients where you actually have to hire more people to service […]

Changes at the Redmond Chamber of Commerce

I don’t normally share other organizations emails on the thinkspace Blog but I feel like it’s important to recognize Chris Hoffman (whom we will miss!) for her contributions and also share the message from the Redmond Chamber Board to our own members.  Here’s an email from Tom Martin, Redmond Chamber – Board of Trustees Chair: […]

Paul Anderson / ProLango: Create Massive Demand for Your Business

Paul Anderson, founder of ProLango and a thinkspace Member, is presenting next week on “Create Massive Demand for Your Business“! Paul’s spoken a number of times inside thinkspace and was our highest rated speaker at thinkCamp 2010.  I highly recommend that you register and attend this event on April 26 from 6-8pm. Top reasons you […]

Bring Your Kids to (Our) Work Day Event

On Thursday April 28th from 3-5pm we are having our very own “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” here at thinkspace! One of our member companies, Memetales is hosting the event. Memetales is a publishing platform and gamified mobile book reader for kids. Children read books, get points, earn stickers and unlock games as they […]

UnMarketing, Relationship Building and… Amazon?

Whenever I place an order with Amazon, a subconscious countdown begins in my head. The seconds start ticking by till I might have my next movie, show or, (as in this case) book in hand! Ok, well maybe I’m not actually counting the seconds, but I definitely know which day it should be showing up! […]

Alternatives to Driving – Because $100 Per Tank Sucks

This last weekend was National “Don’t buy Gas” Day. I should have listened. I filled my gas tank up this weekend and it cost me $92 and I’m no longer laughing.  It’s more like I’ve reached the “Supreme” level as shown in the picture. Two weeks ago it was $84. That’s about a 10% increase […]

Tax Filing Celebration!

Today Elizabeth Kent, our very own C.H. Client Coorindnator, made from scratch Black Bottom Cupcakes to share with all of our CPA’s inside thinkspace.  It’s a celebration of having made it through another tax season!  The cupcakes are in the kitchen, enjoy!

Importance of Teamwork When Working for a Small Business

Working for a small business can have its ups and downs. As an employee of an entrepreneur, you play a large roll in the daily operations of the business- often wearing multiple hats throughout the day. You live and breathe the successes and failures of the company. Not only because your job depends on it, […]

Corporations Can Dump IE6 Thanks to Browsium Unibrows | thinkspace Member

One of our newer thinkspace members, Browsium, was written up in the WSJ and is getting a lot of press for it’s product Unibrows. I was talking with Gary Schare, President & COO, about what his company does and what his product is. Gary told me that his product UniBrows “delivers complete IE6 functionality and […]