Are Your Employees Building a Cathedral or Breaking Rocks?

Do your employees feel like they are building a cathedral or do they feel like they are breaking rocks? Are you able to attract the top talent to come work for you and your company? One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is hiring the best and brightest. When all you have is fledgling […]

Finish Something!

I would love to be someone who always sees things through to their end (albeit sometimes bitter end). But, I’d be lying if I said that I completed every single task that I started. It seems that a lot of people in our fast-paced, overly-committed culture are in this same boat; And, I’d bet that […]

Working from Home? Coworking Could Be Your New Best Friend

Here at thinkspace, we are thrilled to offer coworking as an office space solution for our members. Just in case you haven’t heard of coworking before- it is a space designed for individual workers who are looking for a space and a community to work alongside (for more info check out the coworking wiki). Our […]

Inflection Points in a Startup to Small Company

What makes a startup grow? What allows a startup go from pre-revenue, break-even, cash flow positive to hitting $1M in revenue? I had a conversation with Rebecca Lovell, Executive Director at NWEN (Northwest Entrepreneur Network) and we briefly discussed how startups hit an “inflection point” and since that conversation its been in my head all […]

Should I Wait For The iPhone 5?

When I was in school, I worked two jobs to pay my bills. During the day, I was a busy barista serving tasty coffee concoctions to thirsty regulars. Nights and weekends, I worked as a waitress at a local Greek restaurant that served garlic-infused Gyros to die for. During this time, a substantial portion of […]

March Wine Wednesday Recap

Last night we had our first Wine Wednesday event of 2011! We added Wine Wednesdays to our thinkspace event schedule back in the fall, and after a hiatus due to the holidays and 1st of the year chaos- we’re back in action! So, what is Wine Wednesday? Essentially we have created a fun networking event that’s designed […]

4 Ways New Attorneys Can Save Money

You wouldn’t believe how many different industries are represented at thinkspace. We have members that work in iPhone app development, social media consulting, family and professional counseling, marketing, accounting, distributing…. and, quite a few companies in legal! I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks that I have seen being used by […]

Options to Avoid the 520 Tolls

I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely dreading the SR 520 bridge toll. The peak hour rate is set at $3.50 each way. As a Seattle resident who works on the Eastside, I can think of a million things I would rather spend my $140/month on other than toll fees. What’s your plan? […]

iPad2 Smart Cover does not work with Original iPad

I was thinking about whether or not to upgrade and get the iPad2 when it comes out on Friday, March 11 because the iPad Smart Cover looks like a pretty slick cover.  Then it got me thinking that perhaps I could just get the cover and use it on my Original iPad… kind of like […]

Dealing with Angel Investors

“I want to invest in your company.” These are words that almost any start-up owner would love to hear. However, asking someone to hand over their hard-earned cash to you and your company is like asking them to take a major leap of faith – actually, more like an Olympic-level , chasm-crossing, mega-jump. Last week, […]