A Seattle Location? Well maybe…

We’re possibly expanding and looking at Seattle as being the new location. We don’t want to take the approach of “build it and they will come” so we want to get your feedback. Share with us what your “think space” would look and feel like — that would be a big help for us in […]

Email Marketing is Not Dead, Nor Will it Die Anytime Soon.

Today’s Blog Post is Written By: Brian Hansford, of Zephyr 47 Brian is a thinkspace member, and someone we feel honored to have a part of our community. Email marketing is not dead… nor will it die anytime soon.  Even with the rapid proliferation of social media technologies and platforms, email remains a preferred channel […]

Community of Entrepreneurs: "I Had No Idea"

I own my own business. I have only owned the business for a year, and have struggled to no end with getting it off the ground. From general accounting and law related issues, to the alienation and frustration from working at home, I honestly was not enjoying my situation as much as I thought I […]