1st Annual Golf Tournament

The thinkspace 1st Annual Golf Tournament was played at Suncadia.  The course is absolutely beautiful and scenic.  There’s nothing like playing golf in that kind of surrounding.  The one thing that I really enjoyed was getting a chance to know the thinkspace members and learn more about each of their businesses.  It was also great […]

Thinkubator: Build a new business with zero overhead!

An interesting thing happened at thinkspace a few weeks ago.  I was talking in front of one of Paul Anderson’s ProLango Career Seminars and happened to meet a person in that group.  We had a very casual conversation in the elevator and struck a common connection as she was talking about SQL Server.  I’m a […]

Triple digit heat brings our community together

Last week we had record heat and we also had a bunch of people come to use thinkspace for the first time due to my “beat the heat” tweet.  People came as far as Everett, Seattle, Bellevue, and Sammamish to get out of the heat and try out our coworking space.  We also got a […]