Here’s a short video that I took today at Green Festival Seattle.  I was trying to pay attention to companies that I hadn’t seen at last year’s Green Festival.  Here’s what caught my eye:

  • Kashless.org – a local Seattle tech company that built a website or online market place where everything is free.  I think it pulls in the free section from third party sources.  After running around on the website it looks like it pulls in Seattle Craigslist free stuff and postings in freecycle Seattle.  It doesn’t appear to pull in other freecycle communities like Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond.  The biggest differences that I can see between freecycle and kashless is the nice user interface that kashless has and the ability to search for things.  Let’s face it, freecycle is pretty much a massive email distribution list.   The weird thing is that even though freecycle is basically a massive email distribution, it has sort of a community feel to it because you can see the names and email addresses of the people posting free things.  Cashless is more of a faceless market place, kind of like a Craigslist.  freecyclers see each other’s names repeatedly and I think it means more when you’re sharing with each other in your own local community.
  • Fair Trade Sports – this company is the first in the US to sell FSC certified and Fair Trade Certified sports balls like soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs.  I see a lot of organic clothes and stuff, but I have not see any sports equipment that is eco-friendly.  This is a first for me.  They are located in Bainbridge Island.
  • Shirey Contracting – Located in Issaquah, Donna Shirey has a cool project under construction called the Zero Energy Idea House.  It’s a house that is under construction and will have a monthly energy bill of less than $40.  The house is located Bellevue, right off West Lake Sammamish Parkway, which is not too far away from thinkspace.  I’m going to drive over there and check out the house.

Redmond Earth Day Celebration:
9am to Noon | April 11, 2009

The Sammamish River Trail near Leary Way Bridge. Redmond celebrates Earth Day early to avoid a crowded calendar of events throughout the region later in the month. Come celebrate with us by planting native trees and shrubs near the Sammamish River.

• We provide tools, training, gloves, bathrooms, water, light refreshments and lots of gratitude.

• We work rain or shine, so dress for the weather and dress to get dirty.

• All participants are required to sign a volunteer agreement before working.

• Those under 18 must have the signature of their parent or guardian.

• Those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Waivers are available on the City of Redmond website.

Parking is available at Redmond Town Center. The restoration site is about a one-quarter mile walk from the Redmond Town Center Parking Garage. From the lot, cross 164th Avenue NE and continue on NE 74th Street until you reach Bear Creek Parkway. Cross Bear Creek Parkway and continue on the path beneath the large grove of Douglas Fir trees veering left toward the Leary Way Bridge. There will be signs to help guide your way.  Cross the Leary Way Bridge to the West side of the river, to the Sammamish River Trail. We will be planting just upstream from the bridge.

For more information, contact Peter Holte at 425-556-2822 or pholte@redmond.gov.

Celebrate Arbor Day with the City of Redmond Parks and Recreation Department.

Participate in ceremonial tree plantings and also help plant young trees in the forested areas of Farrel-McWhirter Park. Please come prepared with work gloves; planting tools will be provided. Prizes and Arbor Day patches will be available.

Wednesday, April 8, 4pm–6pm @ Farrel-McWhirter Park, Hutcheson Shelter, 19545 Redmond Road

Please call Chris Tolonen at 425-556-2369 and let us know if you plan to participate in this event.

Robert Scoble from FastCompany toured our space and posted an article about us.  Here’s what he said:

“Want to work with a ton of cool startups like iPhone app developer Shazam? Well, then you’ll want to check out Thinkspace which is run by Peter Chee up in Redmond, WA. Right near Microsoft’s campus. Here Peter gives us a tour and talks about why he has one of the hottest places to work in the Seattle area. Read Peter’s blog too.”

Here’s a link to the FastCompany thinkspace article.

Robert also interviewed Newline Software and wrote an article about them too.

“It’s not every day that you get to see a company before they have their product finished, before they hired PR people, or have everything together. Which is why it’s interesting to see Newline Software, which is a startup located in Redmond, WA and is housed in Thinkspace, which is a green coworking space designed for startups. Here the two founders tell you about their company which is designed to back up your PC in a new way and they also tell you why starting up at Thinkspace is important to them.”

Here’s a link to the FastCompany Newline article.