Just How Far Do Your Tweets Reach?

So you want to know: How many people actually see your tweets? How many people do those 140 characters actually make it to through your network? You know that social media is playing a role in SEO and you want to be influential, so let’s start with Twitter and see just how many people you’re […]

Twitter Marketing for Small Business

Thank You Shannon Evans, author of The Definitive Twitter Guide: Making Tweets Work for Your Business, for her willingness to be our guest author for today’s blog post. Shannon has hit the Twitter and Social Media scene like a freight train, she’s everywhere! We are so lucky to have her as a friend of thinkspace, […]

Twitter 101 Workshop

On May 21st, I gave a presentation on Twitter and Social Media for Business at the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.  There was strong interest to have a Twitter 101 Workshop as a followup meeting.  I’m now holding a Twitter 101 Workshop on June 16th from 7-9pm where we will go through the basics to […]

Ron Sims: A Politician that gets Twitter

Ron Sims is using Twitter and I’ve been following him for about one month.  I think it’s really cool that he’s embracing technology as way to communicate with people.  Back when Governor Locke was King County Executive, I volunteered in his campaign office while he ran Governor.  I never really had that close a look […]