Why You Should Hire An Intern

As a small business owner, you have limited resources when it comes to hiring additional employees. Instead of draining your overhead by hiring an additional employee, have you considered creating an internship program? Many interns are willing to work unpaid in exchange for experience building opportunities. Instead of paying an intern with money, you will […]

3 Tips for Using Groupon to Grow Your Business (Without Destroying It)

Our friends at Salty Waffle recently published an article written by Cameron over at Synotac. If you’re a small business owner- I definitely recommend checking out Cameron’s daily deal sites for business blog series. There has been a lot of buzz about Groupon, LivingSocial, Google Deals and all the other online deals sites over the last year because of […]

Vacation 101 for Small Business Employees

Summer is in full swing and everyone in the office wants to take a vacation, but there is a catch. When small businesses lose just one employee to vacation it means they have lost 15-20% of their staff.  This can be brutal for a small business, but with a bit of preparation you can rest […]

Importance of Teamwork When Working for a Small Business

Working for a small business can have its ups and downs. As an employee of an entrepreneur, you play a large roll in the daily operations of the business- often wearing multiple hats throughout the day. You live and breathe the successes and failures of the company. Not only because your job depends on it, […]