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Seattle Startup Week | Matt Heinz explains why you have to fail in order to succeed

The dust surrounding Seattle Startup Week is settling, but on Wednesday morning, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, we hosted a Startup Week event in our Redmond location. Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing, joined us for breakfast and told us how we could scale our sales and marketing without breaking the bank. […]

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Seattle Startup Week | Kicking off with Aviel Ginzburg of Simply Measured

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon kicking off Seattle Startup Week with Aviel Ginzburg of Simply Measured, which recently raised $20M in venture capital funding. Aviel joined us in our Fremont location to talk about what a high growth startup really means. During his presentation, he mentioned Simply Measured’s first incarnation, Untitled Startup, Inc., which, as […]

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Seattle Startup Week | Scaling, and funding, and cupcakes! Oh my!

We are excited to be sponsors for Seattle Startup Week!  With over 40 events hosted over five days, this is a celebration of entrepreneurship in Seattle.  thinkspace is hosting the “Scale Up” track, which will feature four events with EO-sponsored speakers, each with a focus on scaling up.  Check out our events below, and see the full line up of Seattle Startup […]

Who does Google think you are?

Yesterday, Google and the Fremont Chamber of Commerce hosted an educational lunch on the ins and outs of Google’s free, online analytic tools.  While at the event, I met representatives from other local businesses; watched thinkspace Community Manager and recycling enthusiast Jamie fawn over Google’s sophisticated, color-coded recycling bins; and posed for a photo op […]

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Emerge from Corporate to Startup: Approaching Sales With Empathy

Five years ago when taking an HR survey, PR and marketing executive Shauna Causey discovered that she was in the 100th percentile for empathy.  And it freaked her out.  But five years later, Shauna, along with Don Gerould of Cogent Equity, Sandeep Phadke of Airlift, and senior technology exec Brad Carpenter, was a panelist at thinkspace’s Emerge from […]


The Power of Positive Constraints

In his CreativeMornings presentation in Seattle this morning, Lee LeFever, founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation, broached the subject of constraints.   Constraints generally have a negative connotation.  For champions of free thinking and unbridled creativity, constraints appear to be the things holding you back, the things keeping your imagination in check.  […]


Managing to Milestones & #JFDI Recap

The Redmond thinkspace office had its first Acceleration Services event to talk about the importance of project management. The event was held on Friday, May 30th with panelists Liz Pearce, CEO of LiquidPlanner; Trent Scott, CEO of Rainleader and Director of Sales and Marketing at Mouseflow; and Brenda Reed, Project Launch Manager at thinkspace. Josh Anderson, CEO of One into Many, was our moderator. Notable take-aways […]

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The big ‘fat’ launch

Entrepreneurs know what it’s like to be in an environment that changes everyday, and sometimes every minute. To launch a product or service within your budget and on time can feel daunting. Then again, when has a daunting task deterred an entrepreneur? What to Expect During a Launch: Change is the only constant when it […]

Come For The Cookies: How Baking Builds Community

I have a confession to make: I love to bake.  Given the time, any motivation whatsoever (e.g., It’s Thursday!) and enough butter and sugar, I will bake almost compulsively.  I have another confession to make: I don’t particularly care for baked goods.  Of course I will happily have a taste of the browned butter carrot […]

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Inside startups with Founders Less Than Three: Speaker – Halley Suitt Tucker

You know when someone jokes that they have “done it all?” Halley Suitt Tucker could put Chief Everything Officer on her business card. Halley is currently living in Boston and writes for a living. You name it she writes it. Halley has been blogging for 10 years, went through Techstars, and is now writing books! Halley is also CEO of BoOkBoX, and […]