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Kickstarter Tips and Tricks for Startups

Starting a new project can be very stressful for a startup. Investors typically want to see a product, or series of products before jumping on board to help the business grow. Part of the early stages of a startup involves finding the funds you need to get those initial projects off the ground. Not everyone […]

Three Common Mistakes Made By (Most) Startups

Launching a new product or idea can be exciting, and undoubtedly most entrepreneurs have done at least some research into what works, and what doesn’t in their given industry. Unfortunately, being excited about a new business can make it easy to lose focus on some of the most important aspects of success. Unfortunately, when entrepreneurs […]

Five Ways to be More Productive in Five Minutes

Maintaining focus and keeping productivity levels up day after day is a constant struggle for almost anyone facing a pile of tasks ahead of them. It’s in our nature to seek out an easier way to get something done, and it’s that very nature that would appear to work against us when the best plan […]

How To Keep Your Startup Healthy

It’s no big surprise that there is a correlation between health and productivity at work. In a startup, every individual is typically vital to the organization as a whole. The ability for any one person to perform at the top of their game each day could make the difference the company needs to get ahead […]


Q&A With Thinkspace Startup: Appuri

There are so many innovative, amazing startups here at thinkspace. This week I had the chance to meet and chat with Damon Danieli of Appuri, one of the residents of thinkspace, to learn a little more about what they’re up to. What is Appuri, and what do you do? Appuri is a stealth startup. We […]

PR Tips for Startups

Almost every startup I hear has the same three goals; launch a product, get users, and get on that blog. (You know which one I’m talking about.) Making money – let alone enough to be profitable – is rarely even a thought in the minds of young entrepreneurs. Getting press (especially from high-profile blogs) is, […]

The Benefit of Coworking Spaces

Coworking is becoming increasingly popular among independent contractors, startups, and other folks that would otherwise work from home. The costs of maintaining an office can break the bank for many individuals hoping to escape from the distractions of home. Coworking locations make it easier and more cost-effective to recreate a traditional office environment and provide […]

5 Things Startups Shouldn’t Worry About

Starting a business is no easy task. You have to consider a number of variables that often catch new entrepreneurs by surprise. Not only are you planning for your own long-term commitment, but eventually you’ll want to take on a staff (if you haven’t already) and figure out how to fund various other business needs. […]

Why Three Founders Is Better Than Two

Creating a company with a good friend or like-minded business partner is common, and allows you to both call the shots and make decisions that have a direct impact on your startup’s future. Unfortunately, a startup founded by two people can be a tough sell. It opens the door for disagreements and ultimately legal issues […]