I was reading Laura Kimball’s blog “Lamiki.com” and saw that she had put together this super cool infographic comparing her personal (@lamiki) Twitter account to her company’s (@Jolkona) Twitter account. It’s one of those things that’s so fun that I had to stop and create one for us too.

Here’s a picture that compares my personal @pchee Twitter account to Alyssa’s @alyssamag Twitter account. I’m not sure I learned anything from the infographic as it basically says I like to retweet more than Alyssa, but, she’s far more interesting and more social than I am. (No duh, don’t follow me please if you’re looking for anything that is interesting). I apparently like to hold books in my hand while Alyssa likes to hold birds.

I also generated a infographic for thinkspace vs Kristin’s @kristineide Twitter account. It’s kind of fun to see by day Kristin is a cool raven haired Twitter trailblazer and by night she’s a blonde “foodie”. Looking at information is way more fun visually even if it’s for information that you already know! These infographics where generated from the website Visual.ly.

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    • Peter Chee
      Peter Chee says:

      You said it. Way too fun. I’m not so sure there’s many other choices beside workaholics, foodie, and rocker… I’ve been playing around with it trying to get various combinations based on the names that I’m entering in. Have you seen anything other than these? Thanks for sharing this on your blog so I’d actually see it!


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