Friday, March 4, 2016 | thinkspace – Redmond | 9am-3pm

thinkspace partners with The Crave Company to bring you a brainstorm you’ll never forget! Register today to join the first inaugural thinkspace Co-Storm Mashup!

I’m always experimenting with ideas to bring connection to people. It seems to be my gift and mission to bring people together.

But there’s times, fairly often actually, when I feel alone trying to figure out my own business/life strategy. Your inner circle of friends isn’t necessarily your best brainstorming team, and/or you shouldn’t be constantly pressuring them for advice. Who’s out there to run ideas by, to connect with to make things happen?

That’s why I created CO-STORMING™

Co-storm 2A co-storm is a think-tank style session where two or three people brainstorm for each other. The concept behind it is how much we’re able to see for each other that we don’t see for ourselves. There’s a creative back and forth energy in getting outside your own head. Fresh eyes see our blind spots and filters. They also mirror back to us what’s really going on. A co-stormer’s insight can clarify what steps to take next, highlight your strengths, and make you pay attention to what should happen naturally. It can solve a problem in your field with an outsider’s perspective.

Co-storm Image 1Bring your idea or project, a journal, sticky pads, colored pens and be prepared to have your world rocked and to rock your fellow participants. You will get new perspectives and confidence to move forward with your project…or, you might ditch your plans and go in a totally different direction! No matter the outcome, I guarantee you will be walking out the door already taking steps in the right direction.

I truly believe we’ve got some energy going you’re not going to find anywhere else…
take this opportunity to hitch a ride on that energy!