Peter is enthusiastic and charming. He understands the value of community (go figure, he’s building a community workplace at thinkspace), and he works hard to learn the business of his tenants and help them where he can.

Jason PrestonCo-Founder of Dent

You can tell a lot about Peter’s leadership quality by the professionalism of the thinkspace reception staff. thinkspace is significantly better than other shared office spaces for many reasons including higher and more consistent service levels, proclivity for innovation and sincere interest in supporting client success. The environment is special – first-class building design, well-maintained common areas and an upbeat community of successful tech entrepreneurs.

Robert FreidPresident at Contract Manufacturing Consultants, Inc.

Relocating the business out of our homes into thinkspace was our best move yet! The digs are great, the location convenient and the staff exceptional. We’ve also enjoy the “business community” we’ve gained being at thinkspace.

Ali SpainPartner at RedCloud Consulting
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Do I need a registered agent? What do they do?

If you are doing business in Washington State as a Corporation, LLC or Limited Partnership you must have a Registered Agent with a physical Washington Address. You may be your own registered agent if you wish to list your personal address. Most small businesses find it easier to hire a Registered Agent with regular business hours as a your Washington State Registered Agent receives annual reports, notices and service of process on behalf of the organization.

How do I change or update a Registered Agent?

To change your registered agent to thinkspace simply go online and file a Statement of Change. This service is free of charge