We provide a variety of solutions to support your small business and entrepreneurial needs.

  • Avoid listing your business address at your home. Check out our virtual business address options.
  • We offer live phone answering solutions for small businesses. Save money, make your business look bigger, and provide a killer customer service experience without hiring an additional employee.

Are you currently running your company out of your home? Need a place to focus and grow your business? Welcome to your thinkspace.

  • Check out our private offices located in Redmond, WA.
  • Access a private office when you need it most with our part-time office space options.
  • Tired of working in isolation? Work alongside a community of like minded business professionals in our coworking space.

Are you taking the leap and starting your own business? Let us support your entrepreneurial dream. Whether your thinkspace is in your home office, at your dining table, or at the local coffee shop. We offer a variety of services to help you establish your business without hurting your overhead.