Executive Assistant

We seek an executive assistant who can keep pace and ultimately free up a minimum of 5 hours per week of our CEO’s time doing activities that he would normally be doing. We’re looking for an individual to become a trusted and key member of our CEO’s business. Must naturally enjoy taking initiative. Words that describe you: vivacious, tenacious, and assertive. This is a terrific position for an intelligent problem solver who likes to knock out tasks and projects. The EA is able to foresee the future and react accordingly.

Necessary Skills

The EA must have the ability to communicate effectively with others in all functional areas of the company. The EA enjoys facing multiple challenges and instinctively reassess when traditional solutions aren’t working. The EA must demonstrate leadership with strong attention to detail. Excellent verbal and written skills are needed to engage any audience in active discussions to drive business results. They must have strong objective and creative problem-solving and follow-through skills, be able to work independently, and constructively interact with all levels of management.   

Responsibilities (including but not limited to).

  • Be resourceful, upbeat and enjoy getting things done on a startup budget (translation: you must be frugal, scrappy and happy)
  • Know the real priorities of the CEO and keep him focused on the most important projects
  • Constantly look for ways to move opportunities/projects forward regardless of obstacles or challenges
  • Improve business operations and help track key performance indicators for sales, finance, partnerships, funding
  • Be personable around startup techies but have a polished presence to be around CEO’s and investors all day
  • Enhance insight by acting as a sounding board, second brain, and confidante
  • Manage projects & events, strategic planning, board of directors meetings
  • Not judgmental, always curious, and asks questions
  • Compose emails and correspondence for CEO
  • Provide quick response to sales inquiries for usage to our event and meeting space and schedule tours
  • Provide daily follow up to customers using our event space
  • Keep CEO’s office organized, manage contacts, handle scheduling meetings and tours, and submit expense reports
  • Savvy, economical buyer – i.e.: able to assess and negotiate with multiple options
  • Be driven to accomplish a lot and learn a LOT very quickly
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and track progress
  • Ability to work with outside contractors and other employees
  • Able to effectively give and receive constructive feedback
  • Must have a no-excuse, results-focused mindset
  • Very “hands-on” and ready to pitch in

Experience Using These Tools

Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Research, create, and implement process and workflow improvements to maximize efficiency and productivity. Basecamp / Trello / Smartsheet. WordPress. Social media posting and organization for Twitter / Facebook / Instagram. Newsletter creation and editing with MailChimp. Client data management Zoho / Salesforce / PipeDrive / PipelineDeals.

Minimum Requirements

  • Prior experience as an EA or office manager
  • 1-2 years of project management experience
  • 1-2 years of customer service
  • 4 year college degree, Master’s degree a plus

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary DOE
  • Three (3) weeks paid vacation, plus company is closed between Christmas and New Years as paid benefit
  • Excellent medical, dental and vision benefits

If you’re still interested and are looking for further inspiration before applying for this job, read the following:

https://thinkspace.com/the-anti-creativity-checklist/ (if you agree with this don’t apply)


  1. Please write a cover letter that will show us why you really want this position and why we should consider you. Please list your salary requirements.
  2. Please take the DISC assessment and email the results to us.
  3. Please take the Grit Test and email the results to us.
  4. If you have ever taken the StrengthsFinder test please share your top 5 strengths.
  5. Email: careers [at] thinkspace [dot] com.

Career Path

This position is going to have a level of visibility into all areas of the company. There will be a level of understanding in how things run operationally and strategically. The person in this position has the opportunity to stay in this role or over a period of time the person could evolve into different roles. Depending upon skills, education, and leadership some of the positions could be Chief of Staff, COO, VP of Operations, and VP of Human Resources. Ultimately for this role to be successful, I will need to delegate well and the person in this role will need to step outside of their comfort zone. This is one of those roles (just like life) where it is what you make of it, I won’t be standing in your way. – Peter