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Lunch at Thinkspace.. Now Includes Molly’s

While visiting with our coworking friends over at Office Nomads (a great little coworking space in Seattle), I found out about Molly’s and fell in love instantly. Their sparkling clean fridge, simple 1-2-3 process and pay-by-text feature had me intrigued. Once I took a bite of a sandwich, I was a complete goner and I […]

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Kick’n Chick’nz: Medieval Karnival HD

We have some absolutely amazing member companies inside thinkspace and, every once in a while, we like to brag about the awesome things they come up with – especially when it’s something that our members can actually use! Kick’n Chick’nz is a whimsical new game built for your iPad (and eventually your iPod or iPhone) […]

Looking for an Office Water Cooler?

This is a guest post from one of our friends at Quench. If you are looking for an office cooler, going bottle-less is the way to go. That’s what we have here at thinkspace – a great bottle-less cooler. But, we would definitely say that the very best way to go if you are a […]

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Set Your Priorities Before You Start Your Business

So many entrepreneurs have it together. They own successful businesses but still spend time doing the things that they love; spending time with their family, working on their hobbies, or playing their favorite sport. Every once in a while I meet business owners whose families have fallen apart, they work really long hours and generally […]


Growing Your Business

Starting a business can be tough stuff. It can take years to get your company to the level that you want it to be. But, once you’ve become confident in your business model and the way things are going for your current business, you may start thinking about expanding and growing your business. Growing a […]

Apple Discontinues the White MacBook

Is it really time to say a final farewell to the white MacBook?  Apparently Apple thinks so. Following the announcements of a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini, the white MacBook disappeared from Apple’s online store. It seems that Apple thought that they would quietly discontinue the white MacBook. Apple made no announcement about the […]