“Relocating the business out of our homes into thinkspace was our best move yet! The digs are great, the location convenient and the staff exceptional. We’ve also enjoy the “business community” we’ve gained being at thinkspace. Thanks Peter and well done!”

Ali Spain Principal Co-Owner of AK Group

“Peter has used a creative and professional approach to the business of providing private office space for individuals and businesses in Redmond WA. It is a personalized service approach to providing a very professional feel while at the same time creating an environment of mixed business people from different industries in an office type community. There is an opportunity for privacy as well as business networking in an environment with a very supportive thinkspace office staff that provides personalized support for your business. I think it is Peter’s drive for excellence and business skills that has allowed him to create this business and offer office space at very competitive rates. His approach to creating a “Green” office environment also shows his commitment to supporting our environment. I have very much enjoyed the interaction with Peter and his staff at thinkspace as a renter of multiple offices for our local sales team.”

Jeff Jackson Senior Technology Directorof Starent Networks

“Peter is enthusiastic and charming. He understands the value of community (go figure, he’s building a community workplace at thinkspace), and he works hard to learn the business of his tenants and help them where he can.”

Jason Preston Director of New Media at Parnassus

“Peter Chee owns and operates thinkspace where Newline Software, Inc. got its start in the thinkspace executive offices. Peter and his staff are professional, responsive, and go above and beyond to ensure all our needs met. Whether it’s greeting our guests, providing infrastructure services, or maintaining impeccable offices and common areas. thinkspace’s green and LEED certification efforts really make a difference. At just under 1 year in our office, our computers have NO dust inside…the air quality is top-notch. The paint, carpet, etc. are also eco-friendly, and we can tell the difference compared to most other office spaces. Peter has many different clients in his offices, and he capitalizes on this diversity and regularly organizes and hosts meetings that are of interest to all his clients. I would recommend thinkspace to anyone looking for executive office space. Peter is a great businessman, business partner, and community member.”

Kory Gill Co-Founder of Newline Software

“I’ve enjoyed everything about my association with Peter; I’m a tenant in his office space, and he did a terrific job of designing a website for my business ( I have nothing but the highest praise for Peter’s knowledge, business skills, and professionalism. He is definitely a “class act” all the way.”

Barry Thompson MD, MA Owner of BFT Counseling

“Peter’s “thinkspace” green work environment is exceptionally well staffed and well run…..and fun !!! I would rather cut any other expense in this recession than give up my office at thinkspace!!”

S. Kris Kaufman President of Parallax Financial Research

“Peter is an amazing individual; ProLango’s success in presenting Career Seminars wouldn’t happen without Peter’s self-less contribution. I’m very impressed with Peter’s attitude and expertise in various subjects and he’s always willing to share his knowledge with clients, colleagues and partners to make sure his network remains strong and successful. Peter has given me the beliefs and attitudes I’ve needed to setup a successful company and for that reason alone I’ll always be grateful. Peter’s company thinkspace is beyond any office space I’ve known or experienced. He’s created a community of trusted partners and clients that collaboratively work together to make each other successful. He and his staff provide great service to clients and their visitors. I’ll consistently use their services and continue to recommend them to anyone I meet. Last but not least Peter is committed to a healthy environment and goes beyond measure to provide green services inside and outside of thinkspace. We need more Peter’s in this world!”

Paul Anderson Owner of Prolango Consulting

“Peter is a great guy and true entrepreneur. I have been impressed by environment he has created at thinkspace. I have been to many executive offices but what he has built at thinkspace is impressive. It’s very vibrant and upbeat environment. I always walk away with learning something new from him. His new pet peeve is social media in business. Best way to get hold of him is on Twitter :) He understands what it takes to be at ground zero and always willing to work with startups to provide them an opportunity to be successful.”

Meetul Shah CEO of Knouen Technologies

“It is great what Thinkspace does for small businesses. With this help more and more parts of my business are getting self sufficient and profitable. The amount of time in which I needed to get there would have been too long had I used a traditional landlord. In that old business style my seed money would not have made it far enough to see the successes starting to be realized now. This is just perfect for what my businesses needs and your supporting services are very efficient. I am so grateful that to have found Thinkspace. It took a lot of the scary parts out of the startup phase.”

Rick Morelan CEO of More Technology