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Our thinkspace members come from a variety of industries and career backgrounds. Our diverse community has created an amazing environment for learning and growth. Therefore, we have created a book club for our members to share, learn, and get to know each other over a common book each month. Once a month we meet as a group to discuss the selected book title over happy hour and drinks.

April’s Book Selection:

Three Laws of PerformanceThe Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan.

You can read more about the book and purchase a copy through Amazon.

Official Book Description: “When a hurricane warning is announced, everyone’s concerns and actions become focused on that expectation; the hurricane essentially becomes the future which people are “living into.” Similarly, when an organization needs to transform or make the leap to a higher level, everyone involved should be “living into” the vision of the organization’s new, improved future. But in the majority of organizations, the future people are living into is based on past performance and experience, and so major transformation is almost impossible.

Steve Zaffron is, CEO of Vanto Group which has helped hundreds of companies envision and effectively implement major change and performance improvement. Zaffron and Dave Logan outline this proven system for rallying all of an organization’s employees around a new vision, and more importantly, making it stick. Their focus is on making such transformations permanent and repeatable, providing practical examples from Vanto Group’s clients such as Apple, Lockheed Martin, Reebok, BHP-Billiton, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, and many others”

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