Mobile Health’s Best: Nike FuelBand, Sleep Cycle, and Jawbone UP

I own both the Jawbone UP and the Nike Fuel Band. Being a geeky guy that likes data, I was quite interested in tracking sleep and exercise. When the Jawbone UP came out, I immediately got one. However, there are other options out there so I decided to write a review on the Nike FuelBand, […]

An Exercise to Help You Articulate Your Startup Idea: Ideation Bootcamp

Tonight Dave Parker (Founder Institute Seattle) put on an Ideation Bootcamp one of the exercises that we worked on was to be able to articulate your idea: Here’s what we worked on: Step 1: Articulate: I am developing __(a defined offering)__ to help __(a target audience)__ __(solve a problem)___ __(with secret sauce)__. Step 2: Evaluate: [listcheck] […]

Your Best Work Does Not Always Correlate To Your Best Outcome – David Bluhm

I was having a conversation tonight at the NWEN / Founder Institute Ideation Bootcamp with David Bluhm, CEO of Z2Live and he made a comment “Your Best Work Does Not Always Correlate To Your Best Outcome”. This really stuck out to me of all the things that we talked about. It’s one of those things that has me […]

Building a Business to Enjoy or Built to Flip?

I was reading an article titled “The Other 99% of Entrepreneurs“. The article states: Over 99% of entrepreneurs who seek funding get rejected. Yet, the entire world is focused on the 1% that is “fundable.” So much focus and energy is put into companies that get funded. It’s sexy to have tons of money from VC’s, […]

The First Key Employee – Working For A Dumb Boss

A lot of people go into business to be their own boss. That’s one of the biggest reasons why people run their own company. Before we talk about hiring employees let’s think back to working for “the man”. Working for a dumb boss [listplus] Have you ever worked for someone and thought: Wow, how did […]

Total Belief, Total Commitment. Find Another Gear.

[youtube_sc url=””] Today, I saw a video clip of Heather Dorniden running in the Big 10 600m track championship. At one point she’s leading the race but she trips and falls with a little less than one lap to go. Now in last place and quarter lap behind she some how finds another gear and […]

PSBJ says it’s on the rise, but, what exactly is interactive media?

The PSBJ put out an article titled “Interactive media industry on the rise in Seattle area“. I read the article and began to think, uh, what or how is interactive media defined? The article really doesn’t state who’s all included in this group other than “regional games companies”. Revenues are up and jobs are increasing […]

Working Hard To Not Fail Or Working Hard To Succeed?

Facebook has five core values (see below). The one that I like is “move fast and break things”. While this isn’t for everyone, it keeps you innovating and keeps you from becoming stagnant. There’s so many sayings that are similar to this: [listdot] If you don’t fall down you’re not learning. Experience is the name […]

Push Yourself, Find the Edge, and Safety Third

[youtube_sc url=”” playlist=”Ziyp_dPlW-I, oFOMJszFsWk, WEqp2M_thrs” width=”460″ height=”240″ ratio=”4:3″] For the last three days I’ve been with 120 entrepreneurs from the Entrepreneur Organization Seattle group at our annual retreat. We went to Victoria to grow closer as an organization as well as stretch ourselves both professionally and personally. One activity that we did was go to […]