What Does Quantum Physics Have to Do With Being in a Startup?

I had a conversation earlier this week with Katharine Kim, a mindset coach and personal trainer. Katharine is very much into health, wellness and fitness and runs a company called Revolution Self Image. During our conversation we naturally gravitated to talking about quantum physics because isn’t that what two business people normally discuss?!

Without turning this blog post into a science paper, the basic premise of Quantum Physics is that we create reality by observing it. You can watch this video about the Double Slit Experiment for a better explanation. Katharine says “Bottom line of the experiment: Matter (the electrons) changed according to how the observer was observing. Thoughts become things. Whatever you focus on, becomes your reality.”

Katharine also talked to me about how everything is in motion and is in a constant state of vibration. Vibration is moving at a specific frequency. Since each of us is made up energy our thoughts and feelings are being projected out from us at certain frequency. When I think about this, it seems to make sense when I’m around really happy people they are operating at a higher frequency than when I’m around un-happy people which are operating a lower frequency.

The Energy of a Startup

I’ve worked in some pretty cool work environments. The environments that I’ve liked best are with startups. The reason is because of the natural energy inside a startup. People are naturally jacked up and energized while working on their startup. There’s a ton of enthusiasm, hope, and excitement. It’s the kind of feeling that rubs off on you and can even energize you. When starting up thinkspace, I was always thinking, I want to create an environment where I can go and be around really smart people, feel the energy of startup without having to go work for companies like Google or Microsoft back in the early days.

The thing that I didn’t realize is that it’s not so much the work that is being done but the attitude of the people. When you get a bunch of entrepreneurs that are all working on different things but because they all share a natural affinity towards passion and inspiration it’s going to have an energy that you’re not going to feel any place else. I’m dead certain that this is what I’m feeling and what keeps me charged up.

Success Breeds Success

Every day when I spend time talking with other entrepreneurs I hear their success stories and I can’t help but be inspired and motivated. When I hear about a persons success it just makes me want to also achieve success. Some people call it the Law of Attraction, but, whatever you want to call it, I would have to say that once you start to achieve success you just want that success to keep on coming. In the business world you might hear people call it momentum. In terms of the Law of Attraction, it’s the positive thoughts that keep coming to you all the time.

Connecting to People at the Same Frequency

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you just couldn’t stop talking with them or came away feeling totally charged up? That’s because the person is operating at the same frequency as you. In my daily interaction with people, my team, and new people that I encounter, I’m starting to seek out the people that I’m at the same frequency with. It’s a natural real connection that you get with people that can’t be forced. When I talk with people, I either feel energized, indifferent, or drained.

This is a question that I ask myself after I interview a person for a job, do I feel more energized after spending time with that person or do I feel exhausted. The reason I ask myself this is because if I have to work with someone for many hours a day, I certainly hope that I have that feeling of being energized. That means we’re operating at the same frequency. If I feel drained, that doesn’t mean the person is a bad person, it just means we’re probably not meant to be working together.

The Power of Thought

I’m a dreamer, in fact I think my second grade teacher said that I was a day dreamer. The thing that I’ve been starting to do is take those crazy monolithic dreams and write them down on paper. The interesting thing is that once it gets put down on paper, it starts to become reality. There’s a saying: “A goal that is not written down is just a dream”. Some time come talk with me about this one and I’ll share with you what I’m goals I’ve written down and how they just start happening. It’s kind of like having a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), a goal so big it just pulls you into the future.

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  1. Ming
    Ming says:

    Wow, love this post!! I love quantum physics. Been studying it this past year myself. Definitely believe in surrounding myself with like minded people. You can change the planet! I was quite excited to see this post Pete!

  2. Jermermery
    Jermermery says:

    As a physicist, this is distressing for me – sensible ideas dressed up with poorly understood science. It is not our existing conscious beings observing quantum events that alters them, it is the fact that for us to observe, we require light (a quantum event in itself) to interact with the thing being observed. This speaks more of our limitations as physical beings than our powers.

    • Katharine Kim
      Katharine Kim says:

      Thank you for this Jermermery, in no way do I mean to undermine your field of study.  I have become absolutely fascinated with this area of science and am absorbing as much as I can.  I appreciate this opportunity to communicate directly to a physicist. 

      What I am gathering from your statement, is that light must be present before anything can be observed.  If I may ask a question, what came first?  The light or the observer?

      And where did the light or the observer come from?

      Is it possible that both light and the observer came from the same Source, and hence, there is a shared Consciousness that actually speaks more to our inherent power–not as physical beings–but as Conscious beings originating from the same Source?

      Thank you Jermermery, I look forward to your input.

      • Jermermery
        Jermermery says:

        The trick with quantum mechanics is to grasp the mathematics before making any inferences as to the meaning of it. Yes, it is amazing, but it is too big a leap to start discussing the outcomes of some of the weirder aspects as if they represent some sort of reality. The maths simply describes quantum behaviour in a way that fits our very limited observations, and it is laden with caveats stating just that. It must also be wrong to some degree, as our picture of the universe is incomplete. Its just that right now, this is the best we have – remember that not so long ago we lived in a geocentric universe!
        My personal interpretation is that we did not evolve to observe quantum sized events, therefore we do not (yet?) have the capability to observe or understand them. 

        So for me, there are too many gaps, too many things not understood to even start talking about consciousness at any level other than pure speculation. As for source and observer sharing consciousness in some way, i would say this; the person measuring the speed of a flowing river by dropping in a leaf and timing the speed at which it passes certain points on the bank, must in some way, no matter how small, affect the speed of the river – simply by taking a measurement. Are the observer and observed then consciously linked? There is no physical contact between the two, so does observers’ mind somehow affect the river speed? No. 

        The only difference with quantum mechanics is that it appears that there is a difference in the outcome whether we look at the result or not. This simply means we do not understand something; not that we are somehow so special in  the universe that matter cares what we think!

      • Katharine Kim
        Katharine Kim says:

        Jermermery, I believe that we did evolve to observe quantum sized events, just as we evolved to observe our world being round, not flat.  And then we evolved further to see that we are not the center of the Universe, but that we (Earth) revolved around the Sun.  And we further evolved form their to observe ourselves as part of a galaxy, a milky way, etc etc and so on.

        The premise of quantum physics, as I am understanding it, is that our picture of the universe is not “incomplete” as you say, but that it is created as we evolve and observe.  

        Here is a very interesting video of physicists and quantum physicists such as David Bohm explaining this very fascinating phenomenon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6l5Zh7w9yQ.  

        My interpretation of all of this (and I appreciate you using this word) is that all matter, including human beings, come from the same Source and at the subatomic level we are all composed of the same Energy.  I believe that this Source is the Consciousness that connects us all.  For me Jermermery, there are no gaps.  This makes absolute sense.  : )))

  3. Katharine Kim
    Katharine Kim says:

    Peter, it’s truly amazing what the mind can achieve.  A single thought turns into an idea, turns into a monolithic dream, turns into someone’s reality.  The most important thing, like planting a seed, is to nurture the idea with possibility.  

    You have inspired me to do this:

    My BHAG: To become an international speaker, mindset coach, and spiritual leader.

    Whooo!  Now that I’ve put it out there, I can really understand why they call it a Big Hair Audacious Goal!  It’s scary!

    Look forward to our next big talk Peter!


    • Peter Chee
      Peter Chee says:

      Our conversation this week carried me and has been on my mind all week! Glad you’ve embraced the BHAG… it seems like something totally in line with your thought process.


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