Registered Agent is a third-party who will receive service of process on your behalf. What does it mean for you?

Why do I need a Registered Agent?

When your company becomes a corporation or LLC, you are required to designate a Registered Agent (also knows as Resident Agent or Statutory Agent).

A Registered Agent is a third-party point of contact between you and the government, designated to receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, government mail, such as tax forms and legal documents, on your behalf.

What is it important?

By choosing a third-party Registered Agent you easily avoid the possibility of missing important tax payments or legal documents while on vacation or out of office. If your business doesn’t hold regular 9-to-5 hours, or doesn’t have a physical location, thinkspace Registered Agent is a safe bet that your communication with the state will be received and handled. It also allows you to easily change your business location without having to update the State every time, and assures that you will never have to accept potentially embarrassing legal documents in front of your clients.

It’s worth keeping in mind that registered agent’s address is a public record, making it available to anyone. By handling it over to a third-party, you add an extra layer of privacy and protect yourself from unsolicited mail from marketers and spammers.

How do I change my Registered Agent?

To change your registered agent to thinkspace simply go online and file a Statement of Change. This service is free of charge.

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