Paul Anderson / ProLango: Create Massive Demand for Your Business

Paul Anderson, founder of ProLango and a thinkspace Member, is presenting next week on “Create Massive Demand for Your Business“! Paul’s spoken a number of times inside thinkspace and was our highest rated speaker at thinkCamp 2010.  I highly recommend that you register and attend this event on April 26 from 6-8pm.

Top reasons you should attend:

If you’re used to developing relationships through “elevator pitches”, trying to get media coverage by “press releases”, or charging for “every bit of advice” you’ll not experience a massive demand for your business. By attending this seminar, we’re going to change your mindset and teach you what works instead.

Attendees can expect to…

• Identify the top 10 influencers you need to know right now.

• Use social media tools to research and differentiate your business from your competitors.

• Researching competition and their marketing strategies

• Reading the twitter and Google sphere of conversations in your industry

• Listening to what’s not being said and how you can own that space

• Using personal branding strategies via LinkedIn, Biznik, Twitter etc to master your niche

• Master simple PR-strategies to earn your business both local and national media coverage.

• Decide on the media outlets you want to be featured in (based on the demographic you’re trying to attract)

• Research the specific journalists, columnists, reporters that cover that niche

• Strategies on building relationships with these media folks

• How to pitch them story ideas (not press releases)

• Use existing to earn more coverage, etc.

• Learn how giving it away will create a large customer following.

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