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Why You Need A Vacation

Tis the season for parties, too much shopping, sweet treats…and the dreaded choice between taking the time to spend with friends and family and getting through that one last project. America is known as the “no-vacation vacation,” as most employees only get a few weeks off per year to take a break and some employers […]

When It’s OK To Say ‘No’

Young startups are especially vulnerable to the negative impact a bad decision has on the future of a company. A large corporation might have a bad product and recover just fine, but a startup depends on every action it takes being a positive step in the right direction. In a world where saying “no” is […]

The Perfect Pitch

In almost any real-world situation, you rarely have much time to make a first impression. A polished appearance is important, but that only goes so far – the first few things you say about yourself and your business (or, “what you do”) is paramount to forging a new business relationship. Often, this only takes a […]

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Health Insurance for Entrepreneurs

By the sheer definition of who they are, entrepreneurs are risk-takers. Many have quit a 9-5 job to start their own business without a financial safety-net, living month-to-month, not 100% certain that the mortgage or rent (let alone everything else) will be covered next month. One of the biggest risks entrepreneurs take is with their […]

The Best Perks of Coworking Spaces

One of the biggest expenses for a growing startup is the need for office space. A garage or a spare room at one of the founder’s house is great for initial collaboration and planning, but once you have a few employees, that probably won’t work for very long. You could lease a small office somewhere […]


The Secret To Success

The other day I was having a meeting with the founder of a local startup, who some have described as a “serial entreupreneur”. I asked him the “secret” to his success, and without hesitation, he said it was simply about “relationships.” I immediately knew what he meant. I began my official career in social media […]

Holiday Party Ideas for Startups

Big, lavish corporate holiday parties are a great way to help startups and teams unwind after a very busy and stressful year. This is the one time of year where winding down is acceptable for startups, though investors are understandably very alert to overspending on holiday festivities and other non-critical tasks. So, what do you do when […]

Want To Be More Productive? Work Slower

It seems that everything we do today is done at an increasingly accelerated rate. I’m not just referring to the ability to quickly access movie showtimes or send a large file to someone across the world. Instead, take a step back and look at just how much you are asked to accomplish in a given […]

Social Media & The 2012 Presidential Election

It’s obvious how technology is becoming increasingly pervasive. It connects us to the world through our desktop computers, mobile devices, and even some of our appliances. It’s almost impossible to avoid a screen with an active connection to the Internet these days. It only stands to reason that the Internet’s influence over our political viewpoints […]

Q&A With New Thinkspace Startup: brandbuddee

One of the best things about thinkspace is that we’re always growing! Today, a brand new startup called brandbuddee is moving in and calling our coworking space “home”. Andy Karuza, CEO of brandbuddee, took a few minutes to tell me about this exciting new project. What is your company, and what do you do? brandbuddee allows […]